Today I gave Lydia a bath, read four books (including one about a pirate), made ravioli (not from scratch), uploaded the pictures off my new camera (a Christmas present from the hubby!), read less than 2 blog posts, drove Lydia to the grandparents, went to the UPS store, bought a suh-weet advent calendar from Pottery Barn for $3.47, went grocery shopping, did a load of laundry (still unfolded), changed about 12 diapers (literally), thought about doing the dishes and yes, even took a shower.

Wha’d you do?


  1. Posted my 100th Post!!

  2. oh, I love shower day! I got a shower, too, then popped the boys in the car to eat lunch with Daddy. Then home, bid on stuff on eBay during naptime (bad!), played on Photoshop, woke the boys up early from their naps (!?!) to take them to their 3 and 1 year check-ups, came home, fed everyone leftovers, popped in a movie and here I am, sitting on the computer, reading blogs and bidding on eBay again. BAD! Ahead for the night: dishes and laundry. But I’m in denial.

  3. ~Taught 6th graders about the water cycle by boiling water under a bowl and then by showing a Bill Nye video

    ~Straightened up our science storage closet

    ~Went to the gym

    ~Messed around online!

  4. Worked
    Fretted about which new car seats to get
    Made homemade french fries
    Ate them topped w/ leftover chili & cheese
    Attempted to “ultra blond” my hair

  5. well, it sounds like a successful day to me.

  6. Yesterday, I: woke my poor child up at 6 AM from a deep sleep, took her to daycare, got to work at 7 AM, played online when I should be working, edited children’s lessons for a new small group material, went to a terribly boring meeting, breastfed five times and pumped three times, admired my adorable daughter, heated up leftovers for dinner, took a bath, folded laundry, tried to talk on facebook messenger and was inept, put a little one to bed….and this morning I rejoiced that she slept almost nine hours!

  7. more about the $3.47 advent calendar please?

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