What Are You Doing New Year’s…

So, last December 31, I did this little tag from There Is No Place Like Home. And I guess what they say is true, time speeds up every year–because it feels like I just did this last week. But in the spirit of tradition and i’m-not-sure-what-else-to-post, I thought I’d join up again. (Sorry to TINPLH for only reading your blog once a year…)

Here’s the deal…you post the first sentence of your first blog post of each month. And add a favorite pic if you want. I’m too lazy to do that. So, we’ll just go with the first sentence. Get ready. They were exciting the first time around. Just wait till you read them again!!

January: I like that title because it seems like I do works-for-me-wednesday all the time!

February: My life is complete!

March: Yes, I’m actually here.

April: On my playgroup/messageboard for Lydia, Jodi started a thread about posting a link to our kids’ birth stories.

May: Last night we picked up our good friends Yancy & Cory for dinner.

June: It’s Monday morning.

July: The day before I left for California, Lydia and I were running all around buying up that last minute stuff you just need before a vacation.

August: So. Cincinnati. Pampers. Mom Bloggers.


i do NOT miss that bod.

October: Have I ever told you that I love my bloggy friends?

November: I never realized how important it was to be a good example until Lydia was born.

December: Last week we went to a wedding.

Yowsa. I’m pretty exciting, huh? But it really does about wrap up my life…if only there had been a few more first sentences about Lost or Pushing Daisies or So You Think You Can Dance…

Let me know if you do a Year End Blog In Review. I’d love to reminisce!


  1. How fun! Go check mine out.

  2. I did one, too. I had forgotten some things from this year.

  3. That picture cracks me up.

    Happy New Year!

  4. That’s a riot! I won’t do one, since my blog and I are still “on a break,” but I love the idea!!!


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