It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Lydia woke up with a fever this morning but she is as happy go lucky as can be now! I’m glad because she and Asa have had little coughs for about two days. Not only that but today is the day the sisterchicks are going to eat CUPCAKES. *sigh* I love me a good cupcake. Or twelve.

And in other completely interesting news, I’m guest-posting on (the “other”) Mandi’s new blog, Organizing Your Way today! It’s actually a repost of my how to organize Christmas lights post. So, you don’t have to go read it. But you do want to click over and look at Mandi’s blog. It makes me excited about a get-organized New Year’s resolution!

Speaking of New Year’s resolutions, mine for this year is CLEAN OUT MY STINKIN’ INBOX. I must must must get that thing under 100 10 emails.  It’s turning into an email graveyard!!

OK. That’s all the randomy randomness I can come up with right now. I’ll be back after the sisterchick outing to report on every sweet morsel I put in my mouth!


  1. Pictures. Must have pictures of alleged cupcakes.

  2. i tried the light technique on the outside lights, wow it really gets them into small groups, i might have to pull the tree lights out and organize them, thanks for the tip.

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