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Two Things You Should Know

1. The “other” Mandi has the most phenomenal Christmas idea ever. EVER. I am so proud of her (that’s not the right word…) for actually MAKING something happen instead of just thinking about it. Anyway, head over to the 1 Dollar Give and get involved! (I’ll be posting more about this soon, too!) 2. The […]

It’s a Family Thing

It’s fun to be around people who are just like you. That’s why I like being with my family. Yesterday we didn’t do much. We just ate and talked and watched the kids play. But there is just something about being with people who are just the same as you. It’s comfortable. Sometimes when I’m […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

After Thanksachristmas yesterday, the kids slept late. After we officially woke up, Lydia and I made pumpkin muffins from Trader Joe’s, played with her new barnyard playdough, Les is reading Asa a story before his first nap and we’re about to watch the parade! I hope your Thanksgiving is beginning as wonderfully as mine!

Fall Impressions: Week 4

Just a little last minute turkey craft for you and the kids. No spiritual value whatsoever. But yummy? Oh yeah!! Click here to see my vlog about it! :: :: :: :: :: :: So, do you have a fun Thanksgiving craft, tradition, recipe or activity to share?  You know, one that actually works? Well, […]

Christmas Gift Guide

My daughter has only had three Christmases and I am already sick to death of PLASTIC toys. Why don’t grandparents think money in a college fund is a fun Christmas gift? *sigh* Well, if the thought of Toys R Us makes you cringe, here’s a gift guide I think you’ll like. I’ve compiled CDs, DVDs […]

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Les’ sister and family are in town for Thanksgiving. But since they are missionaries to Mexico, they are only in the states for a short time. They won’t be here for Christmas. So guess what that means? Christmas AT Thanksgiving! Yahoo! Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving AND Christmas with Les’ family. I’m so excited! Les’ […]

Why I Didn’t Have Time To Post Today