A Rose By Any Other Name

Asa’s first name was post-worthy. I think it’s one of the first names I loved for our son. But it took us 9 months to pick out his middle name. We literally had a list going in the hospital. So, for all of you who were wondering if I was just trying to keep any RIF* out of our lives by keeping the middle name a secret–I wasn’t. We just hadn’t decided yet.

Our precious baby boy is…

*cue trumpets*

Asa Nathanael.

(and fyi, Asa is pronounced ACE-a because any other pronunciation could be bad…)

*random internet freaky


  1. Love the name. I can’t wait to hear all about the new adverntures you’ll have with Asa. Can’t remember if I told you or not but I got te book in the mail. Thanks again.

  2. I love the name! It flows!

    And I’m thinking I’ll be adding RIF to my list of awesome acronyms!

  3. Well, I already told you I love it, but I had to share this, too. I told my dh (because I do that – give him updates on news of cyberfriends that is possibly only interesting inside my head, but he does ‘know’ you, so it seemed relevant) that Asa’a mn was “Nathanael with an a instead of an i”, and he said, “Oh, the traditional spelling.”

    Um… I’m the craziest name enthusiast I know, and this somehow alluded me. Is it the “King James” spelling? Just curious 🙂

    Love it, love it!

    • I have no idea. When I looked it up in the Bible it was NathanaEL, so that’s what we did. I’m assuming the “EL” is “God” b/c it means something like “Gift from God”.

  4. ♥ IT!

  5. What a strong name. You know what, we didn’t have a name for our son until an hour before we left the hospital. We even took the baby naming book with us. How lame are we?!

  6. TOO CUTE!

  7. LOVE that…but of course you know that I love Nathanael. In fact, Nathan was almost Nathanael. 🙂 Loving the sound Asa Nathanael…so strong. LOVE IT!!!

  8. How perfect! I love that name- my brother’s name is Nathan.


  9. Love IT!!! It just goes together so perfect, and I love love love the spelling!!!

  10. What a great middle name! (And what a gift from God he is!)

  11. He is beautiful!!! And I love the name. Congratulations!

  12. We took out Les’s baby pics and Asa really does look like him. Except Les had a bigger forhead. I think you’re mom’s right… he has your face shape.

  13. … ????????????? jgdxsderft

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