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The Pirate’s Arrival

And here’s the birth story…finally…oh, and it’s kinda long, so get comfy… Saturday morning when Lydia woke up at 4:30, I had already been up since 2:30. I felt sure that Asa was sitting on my bladder. Then I couldn’t go back to sleep because I was listening to Lydia flail about in the bed […]

Today WAS the day.

32: dishes I washed by hand because our dishwasher is broken 6: times I took Lydia to the bathroom this morning 100.5: Lydia’s temperature after her nap 1: hour we waited at the doctor 0: help they gave us on Lydia’s fever & constant need to potty 6,234: prayers I’ve prayed for her little body […]

Lydia Vlogs

I know it’s pre-Asa, but here’s Lydia’s first attempt at vlogging. This is her recap of my final OB visit. Yes, after the organ incident. Things to notice: Her shoes. I’m literally jealous of them. Asa’s cameo (aka my huge belly) My hair. Yes, I got it cut before he came. Hallelujer. Just click here […]

A Rose By Any Other Name

Asa’s first name was post-worthy. I think it’s one of the first names I loved for our son. But it took us 9 months to pick out his middle name. We literally had a list going in the hospital. So, for all of you who were wondering if I was just trying to keep any […]

New Stuff At Our House

1. Newborn diapers. Is there anything sweeter? Well, when they’re unused. 2. Blue, blue and more blue. 3.  Fall TV. (Sleep and breastfeeding have taken priority over Heroes and Survivor. Oh, please don’t tell me what happens.) 4. Papa. My dad missed the delivery because he was in Jamaica. But within minutes from landing in […]

A tutorial: how to make a drumset out of formula cans

Due to some severe allergies that run in our family, we had to try multiple formulas with both boys to figure out what would work for them.  I always feel guilty about just tossing the empty formula cans, so I try to reuse them in whatever way I can.  With Deeter’s allergies, we wound up […]

D is for dragging my feet.

This has been a really hard week to get started for me.  After coming back from the beach and taking Monday to recover from the trip, we got off to a slow start with the letter D.  A lot of it has been my… ambivalence about the verse I picked.  No, scratch that – it […]