It’s Backwards Day

1. I never let the dishes get piled up in the sink. Flylady is my hero and my sink is shining right this second.

2. Annie on Little Einsteins is a great singer. I wish I had her CD.

3. I never let the laundry get piled up. It’s always washed, dried, folded & put away– right away. It would not remotely be sitting on my dining room table right now.

4. I am not even addicted to facebook’s Pieces of Flair. I doubt I added even 1 (or 12) buttons since my post yesterday.

5. I’m not nervous about the pirate getting here. After all it’s not like his room is still pink. Or he doesn’t have a crib.

6. I’m not tired.

7. I loved hearing my daughter whine for me this morning. Nothing says, “Good Morning” like a whining two year old.

8.  I’m not thinking about changing my blog title to this:


9. My daughter is not even cute. Sometimes I can’t even look at her.

10. I would never eat peanut butter M&M’s for breakfast.

11. I would never eat peanut butter M&M’s for a mid-morning snack.

12. I didn’t start (and trash) four posts to try to participate in Thursday Thirteen. This kinda awesomeness just flows out of me.

13. I could care less if you leave me a comment. I don’t even want to hear what’s going on in your Backwards Day.


  1. I do not like reading all of your posts, and it does not keep me busy at work!!!

  2. Okay, you made me smile. Best one today. No backwards there — just facts. 🙂

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! #2 cracks me up. I just said to Josh this morning, “Annie is the BEST singer!” and he said, “I know! It sounds like she tries so hard! I’m so glad they made her the singer so she can represent vocal talents the right way.”

  4. I don’t like you at all Amanda. Not at all.

  5. What a great idea for a TT. You totally crack me up. Thanks for the laugh. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by mine.

  6. I really can’t stand this post (it’s still backwards day right?)

    Will you be mad if I steal this idea sometime?

    You made me laugh. I love the one about the dishes in the sink oh and the laundry and the whining. Ok, I love them all…

  7. What a great idea!! Great twist for TT.

  8. YOU are so funny!!! Seriously. I love you, Amanda… you make my day sparkle. And i LOVE that “flair”… in fact…

  9. That’s really tragic that your daughter is stop traffic ugly. Hah! Great list, happy TT.

  10. Poor, poor Lydia… lol. I love this post. Thanks for the giggles!

  11. I don’t need anymore sleep. I operate just fine off of four hours!!

    I am so dreading someone from Sunday School bringing dinner over tonight.

    And I most certainly did not quote that exact piece of flair to HH this morning!

  12. I hated this, I would never consider doing one of these for a TT:)


  13. Hehe…I so do NOT need that flair!

  14. You don’t make me laugh at all. ever.

  15. I love that piece of flair with the salad. Not backwards day, I really do. I have one on my Facebook profile that says “VAGINA…sorry that was probably inappropriate” that is my personal favorite.

  16. Love it! Er…I mean hate it!

  17. I am totally up to date on all of my blog reading and commenting because I have been so organized this week and gotten everything done! In fact, I have time to spare!

  18. I so do not love peanut m&ms too. I am certainly not addicted to them or anything like that.

    And I so enjoy a 6 hr car ride with a not very cranky 15 month old. (that was yesterday)

  19. Love this post.

    And I am SO not reading blog posts when I should be working at home.

    So. Not.

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