This Was Supposed to be Wordless Wednesday

…but my STUPID scanner won’t work. Why? Because there is a non-existent paper jam. And it won’t do anything. Include turn off. So, I had to unplug it. If BROTHER ever asks me to do a review I will say, “Not on yo’momma’s life.”

So, instead of a haunting black and white peek into my family’s past (like that just totally makes your week), here’s a pic of what I did last night during the Democratic National Convention. I finally found something I like on facebook!

pieces of flair

Which one is a gotta-have for you?

(for real ww click here and here)


  1. Awe Book It – I remember getting super excited about that little pizza!

  2. I L-O-V-E flair!!! I think my favorite for now is “I make milk. What’s your superpower?” I also have the “I’m so crafty I make people” flair…I think I sent that one to Mel, too. It’s so addicting and so fun! I’m out of room on mine.

  3. That is so cute! Hey and don’t you need a jean jacket to go with these? ; )

  4. I believe I have that Miss Piggy and I’m Blogging This on my Flair 🙂 It really is a fun application on Facebook.

  5. I’m soooo sending you more flair! (like you need it) 🙂

  6. i LOVE FLAIR… Funny, I just blogged about my Flair too. you should check it out. In unnecessarily anal efforts I organized my favorite Flair, vertically…
    I’m insane.
    I have the same MnM!!!

  7. how fun!!!
    my favorite is
    “I’m so crafty I make people”

    Book-It is awesome, do they still do that?

    and of course Jack Bauer for President!!

  8. Oh dear… Another FB addict like me. I initially got involved because its such a quick and easy way to keep in touch with friends but now I’ve discovered all the lovely applications and can’t keep myself away. I heard someone say that it’s the 21st century version of crack. Yikes!

  9. Book It!! Yeah!! I use to LOVE getting to eat my free pizza just for reading some books!


  10. Oooo, so many good ones there. Of course, Jack Bauer for President is awesome. I’m blogging this. I’m crafty, I make people.

    And of course, I heart Amanda!

  11. I

  12. I’m going to try this again…

    I heart Purple! I LOOOOOOVE the color purple!!

  13. I’ve never seen the Book It one. Awesome!

    P.S. In response to your tweet about Teddy Grahams, I tried to twitter this but it had too many characters: When I was a summer missionary, we would eat animal crackers dipped in the vanilla frosting that has sprinkles. We called it “animal crack.” WAY addictive. And I must stop thinking about it, because then I will want some. And I already have ice cream, blackberry cobbler, firecracker pops, and Jello pudding pops at home. Sweet tooth much??

  14. Oh I could spend forever browsing through all those buttons on Facebook.

    My must have is I ‘heart’ Amanda! (Of course!)

  15. I like Jake Bauer for President!

  16. Is Pushing Daises a good show?

  17. Does anyone else remember the Old-School Book-It buttons that had a place to put five little gold star stickers? You had to get all five before you could get your personal pan pizza.

    Or is that just those of us in our 30’s that can remember that far back?

  18. I love my flair. It is my all time favorite Facebook application 🙂

  19. What cute buttons! I love the chickie ones the best!

  20. Love the flair! I just made a blog post with my flair on it. 🙂

    And, yes…they still do Book-It.

  21. Flair rocks! I have spent hours searching for flair that reflects the things I love. You reminded me I need to get some LOST flair…

  22. You’re the second person today talking about flair. I have no idea what it is but will definitely check it out.

  23. I love Pieces of Flair. It’s my favorite App! I like the Mickey ones, of course. I found one for my BFF that says, “She’s my best friend. Break her heart, and I’ll break your face!” Hilarious.

  24. I can’t see all of them, but I sure would be happy to truthfully wear the “expecting a baby boy” button!

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