Politics Are Lame

Apparently no one else thinks about Jack Bauer during presidential events, but I do. And I guess that’s really the extent of my political-lovin’. I can’t watch politics or read about politics because I GET IRATE. They make me irritated.

Not even so much about stuff I agree or disagree with. It’s just the constant battle and the constant droning on about the most ridiculous mundane things. I want to gag every time I see a political commercial. Do they REALLY think someone is going to be swayed by a political commercial? When I see a commercial, I just assume it’s a lie. Period. Maybe I’m cynical.

Regardless, last night we watched the Democratic National Convention. Actually, just some of the intro stuff since it was on Denver time. But what grabbed my attention was the interview with Cameron Strang, editor of Relevant magazine. (Relevant is geared toward that 20-something post-modern group of Christians, or at least God-seekers. We used to get it and it’s very cool.)

Cameron Strang was invited to pray at the DNC. He originally said yes (because he’d already been having dialogue with Obama’s staff) but then decided to back out when he found out it was on the opening night because he didn’t want to look like he was endorsing Obama. So, Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz took his place.

You can see Donald’s prayer here. Read Cameron’s blog post about accepting/declining here.

I guess I just think it’s weird that they even had a prayer at the Democratic National Convention (or if they have one at the Republican National Convention). Since when does our government value prayer? Since when is that a MUST-DO for politicians?

Huckabee can’t believe in creation, I’m supposed to think global warming is a moral issue, we’re not allowed to teach CHRISTmas in elementary school but we PRAY to the Judeo-Christian God at the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION?

Did you see the prayer? What did you think? Was Donald Miller just being used to sway evangelicals? What is it an authentic gesture of inviting God to help the Democratic party? Does our government actually care about keeping God around? Should Christians just be glad there was a moment of prayer there?

I’m interested to know what you think—about any or all of it.


  1. I am really tired of all this politic stuff… Matt listens to it ALL.THE.TIME! Ugh. I didn’t see the prayer, but agree that it’s odd that they would even have a prayer there.

  2. btw…did your package arrive?

  3. I don’t get it either- they’re taking God out of the Pledge of Allegience, but they pray when they open congress. No wonder our children are so confused in schools!

  4. sorry, no, I don’t think of 24 when it comes to politics…or anything actually. Can’t say that I’ve ever watched a full episode. Anyway, politics. Ewe. It’s all for show and looking good while doing what they want to do which is promote their own agendas. Oh, I’ll vote for sure, but the ads on tv that are really just saying ‘I’ll do this’ or ‘he stinks at that’, well, those don’t really give any new information (aside from the fact that it just makes the candidate look even more crummy than it did before). Again, politics, ewe.

  5. I follow politics cause my husband is a political junkie. I also want to be an informed voter so I put up with all the yuck.

    I thought Donald Miller’s prayer in itself was very good. I think the idea of prayer from a group of people who don’t seem to value God smacks of hypocrasy. Pandering? Absolutely.

  6. Oh why can’t Palmer be our president? Just his voice would make me vote for him!

  7. Stephanie says:

    I get so frustrated with it that I have turned into one of those voters that drive political-minded people crazy. I am not informed because I am too busy trying to raise a family and keep them (whoa – I just looked over and saw you only have 34 days to go!) God-focused in a politically correct world that I end up just choosing on the vibe I get from the candidates. Vibe? Yes, vibe. I don’t have time for anything else, so my political know-it-all friends and family are really annoyed with me! Sorry, guys.

  8. September says:

    Christianity and religion are held closely to people’s hearts and they feel protective of those values and how they’re used; however, there’s also a cultural and historical part of the Judeo-Christian religion. Saying a prayer isn’t hypocritical, it’s a nod to that tradition and a sign of respect that we haven’t forgotten our past and where we came from. There are Jewish people who could count on one hand the number of times they’ve been to synagogue but if they give birth to a son they would still have a bris. Would one think that hypocritical, or would you see that as a sign that they’re still linked somehow–by however thin a bond–to their cultural past.

    Do I think that it was a ploy to sway voters…no. They’ve opened every Convention in the same manner (as the Senate is opened by a prayer by an in-house chaplain). Just my own little observation, though, I do believe that Obama is a Christian man. I’m not sure about his politics and I don’t think that many of his policies aren’t in-line with the evangelical community, but when hearing him speak about his commitment to God I’ve never once thought him to be insincere or pandering.

    And I’ll just close out my little monologue by saying that I’m one of the true believers who get sucked in by the dorkiness of the entire process. The mundane things matter. I truly believe that during the 2004 election our country as a whole was complacent and took the easy way out. It was too much bother to look closely at the details and easier to coast along with the shiny package that we were used to…after all, it was easily understood and didn’t use too many big words. And as a result our country is left floundering in one of the worst political and econonomic situations of the past two decades.

  9. They(dems) lost the last election due to the 5 million Christian voters they thought were going to stay at home… so they will try anything to get a chance at the big white house. They said this themselves after they lost to Bush 4 yrs ago.

    I do think as Christians we send a mixed message though that we are trying to keep GOD, prayer in public, this might not serve our purpose in the long run….I personally never see prayer as a bad thing….anywhere, any place. I think this is our right no matter who. This is something I fight for!

    If they are using it for political purposes …believe me GOD will take care of that as well!

  10. I’m a bit cynical when it comes to politics as well. And I think of Jack Bauer all the time during political campaigns, this one really reminds me of the fist season of 24. Anyway, I don’t really think they give one hoot about prayer except that it’s the “thing to do” and it looks good for them.

  11. ok… first of all, I psychoanalyze EVERYTHING. Second, i didn’t see the prayer until you linked it- as I didn’t watch the convention.
    Here is what I speculate: The democrats are playing hard, into the hurts of an America that feels devastated and broken by Bush. Because of the jaded status of our nation, I can’t fathom another republican being elected into the Oval office- but that’s not because I want it that way or not. I just don’t see it happening.
    So, when you take an aching and desperate nation, and you want to feed them a “hope” (that may or may not exist) you do it this way. You pray. You point to God. You do everything that makes your side look humble and pure. Think of, after 9/11, how politicians and celebrities everywhere began praying. It’s sort of cheap, but it feels fragile to say so because deep inside of those of us who do value God- we hope there is at least a fraction of sincerity in their efforts… For our nations sake.
    And I imagine (again, only a speculation) that this is what when through Donald Miller’s mind. I have the utmost respect for him and his intelligence and so I have to believe that he wouldn’t be there if he didn’t feel that there were a sincere and genuine point to it. I don’t see him allowing himself to be a puppet. So yeah. Would I buy the party’s sincerity at focussing on God- no. But like you said, i wouldn’t buy it on either party.
    And pretty much I’ve said a lot of words of nothing…

  12. I think about Jack Bauer EVERYDAY!!! Can’t wait until next year…. ugh!

  13. I am so over politics as well. I got super-burnt-out with the last election and don’t want to go back there again. I am thisclose to penciling in Jack Bauer for my presidential vote.

  14. Wow. And, um. Yeah. What you said. All of it.

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