Mundane Monday

I’ve always heard that when you sleep at night your mind kind of “files” the days activities. Well, since I wake up about 45 times a night to visit the restroom, I think I kind of experience this even when I’m awake. Last night I was trying to fall back asleep and I promise, I was reliving every single conversation word for word I had that day! It was so weird.

It could also be that I had a very busy day yesterday. We were at church, of course, which is always fun. Especially when you have THREE criers screamers in a FOUR year old class. Then we went straight to the pirate’s first baby shower! (Post with pictures to follow as soon as my mom or sisterchicks post some. My camera was dead.) Then we had our weekly neighborhood Bible Study.

I feel like I’ve been a little out of it bloggy-wise the past few weeks. I haven’t even finished my Pampers update or posted about Camp Primo. I promise those posts are coming this week! (Along with a baby shower post!) Not to mention some other great posts about oh, naps or what I had for dinner or something equally stimulating.

Lydia and I are still in our pajamas and my main goal of the day is to get dressed and clean out my inbox. Is your Monday going to be as exciting as mine?


  1. A pirate shower! How fun!
    Those are pretty lofty goals for the day! I hope to run to Mardels later. After amanda is home to sit with Iz. So getting dressed will be a sure thing. I also need to run through and make all the beds and throw the last load of laundry in … and put some chicken in a ziplock to marinate for dinner…
    Have a great Monday!

  2. My day in maybe a mite more exciting….today I take Caleb (my middle child) to a meet and greet at his new kindergarten. Tomorrow is the big day when he’ll actually start school! I can’t wait! 🙂

  3. I actually had a pretty exciting Monday, for a Monday. I’m hoping to blog about it soon. In the middle of the weekend, Josh asked, ” You’re going to blog about this, aren’t you?” I told him Of Course! And he said he figured it was pretty much a given. I wonder why he even asked then? 😉

  4. You should see my post from yesterday, which cannot really even be considered a post I don’t think. Anyway, I can sort of relate.

    Excited to see pics of your shower!

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