Archives for August 2008

Impressive, no?

OK, these impressive puns could get old. But I gotta tell you, I’m impressed with my daughter. Like I mentioned, we watched Veggie Tale’s Queen Esther dvd in honor of the letter Q this week. Lydia loves all things princess. So, I knew this movie was going to be right up her alley. (sidenote: Even […]

Because Lists Are Funner

1. My bbb, Annie sent me a present! Like sent me a present in the MAIL! She emailed me a few weeks ago and said, “Did you get your birthday present from me?” And I said, “HUH?” Believe me, I would remember a birthday gift. So, as a “replacement” she sent Lydia and the pirate […]

A New Thing

I told you about my bbb, Leigh? The one who saved me with some good Q verses? Well, we met almost a year ago when we did a swap online. We connected immediately because we both crush on Harry Connick, both have January 06 babies and basically think the same about tv, family and God. […]

Quite Possibly the World's Most Perfect Q

We’re to Q. Q. What kind of letter is Q? It can’t even work on it’s own, it’s got to have a little “u” next to it. How random is that? Who made that rule up? It’s very strange to me much less a 2 year old. I was a little stuck on a Q […]

It’s Backwards Day

1. I never let the dishes get piled up in the sink. Flylady is my hero and my sink is shining right this second. 2. Annie on Little Einsteins is a great singer. I wish I had her CD. 3. I never let the laundry get piled up. It’s always washed, dried, folded & put […]

This Was Supposed to be Wordless Wednesday

…but my STUPID scanner won’t work. Why? Because there is a non-existent paper jam. And it won’t do anything. Include turn off. So, I had to unplug it. If BROTHER ever asks me to do a review I will say, “Not on yo’momma’s life.” So, instead of a haunting black and white peek into my […]

Politics Are Lame

Apparently no one else thinks about Jack Bauer during presidential events, but I do. And I guess that’s really the extent of my political-lovin’. I can’t watch politics or read about politics because I GET IRATE. They make me irritated. Not even so much about stuff I agree or disagree with. It’s just the constant […]