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This morning I was working on a post for something really fantastic I just got in the mail. (Can’t wait to show you!) And as I was trying to upload some stuff, transfer it, download it, blah blah, I started getting aggravated. Lydia was asking me questions, trying to sit in my lap and generally […]

Cannot Think of a Witty Wordless Wednesday Title

Rueben & Joan. 1942. Rueben was my great-grandmother’s brother. And if I remember correctly, he ended up in a mental institution. Ew. It looks like they’re celebrating something–they’ve got some glasses clinking together. I wonder if it’s the car? or themselves? It’s fun to imagine! (more ww here and here)

My New Favorite Snack

+ +=   ok, maybe not. but oh, yum. [alternate title: 30 weeks with baby pirate!!] [alternate alternate title: can you eat too much while preggo?]


When I first started blogging, back in the dark ages…you know, like a year ago, I noticed something very suh-weet! Some bloggers were being given products to try out for FREE and then they’d review it on their blog. I think the first one I ever saw was on Shannon‘s blog and it was about […]

N: Nature & Nest

Yesterday my car died. It’s a completely long story and I’m so aggravated. BUT, instead of going to the puppet show like we planned*, my daughter and I went nest hunting. When we first moved to our house, my dad found a robin’s nest. It was so cool. Robins use mud to keep their nests […]

Soooo. You Think YOU Can Dance?

I know. It’s been three days since my only summer tv-pleasure has come on. And I started writing the post in my head the second the show came on. But it’s taken me all the way until TODAY to get to post it. And it’s even got real dancing on it. No, not of me, […]

It’s Backwards Day

1. My internet is awesome. It hardly ever refuses to connect. In fact, it’s password protected and the router can be just 20 feet away and it still connects at FULL bars every time. I never get aggravated at it. And I can always get online whenever I want. It would NEVER refuse to work […]