I Took A Ride With Barry White

written on Monday morning…this is my version of a teaser…stick with me for the next couple of days, I promise you’re going to want to hear about the Pampers Mommy Blogger Event…

It’s 11:55am and my plane leaves in an hour. I’m securely inside the Atlanta airport and I have to admit I’m a little giddy. It’s kinda fun to be completely alone and anonymous. But let’s rewind…

This morning I ran to Target with Lydia in tow to find a decent purse/computer bag. I ended up buying 3 bags. THREE. Then we hopped over my bro/sil’s house to drop Lydia off for the day. Lydia could have cared less that I was leaving her. She was with her hero, her bff and her cousin, Nora!

I ran home, reorganized my computer and purse into all three bags, decided on one. (Don’t look too close, it’s pleather.) Then I sat down to wait for the CAR to come pick me up. Soon a bright shiny Escalade pulled into my driveway.

I was all ready to take pictures like a good blogger, but I have to admit, I was a little too embarrassed. Especially, when a big black man in a suit got out of the car to help me. And when he spoke, Barry White’s voice came out of his mouth. Him in the front seat, me in the back driving by my neighbors’ house, listening to Seal and wondering what kind of people normally sat in this seat, I was a little intimidated.

But that was until he assumed I was an entertainer! Woo-hoo! Better than assuming I was a sahm! We had a fun ride to the airport. The driver, Laurence, is a musician who’s played with James Brown and met President Carter. I even gave him a *blush* business card. I told him if he gets bored and wants some insight into the exciting life of a sahm to stop by. So maybe he’ll comment. (Hi Laurence!)

Can I also say being driven to the airport in a spic & span comfy Escalade is nice? Well, it is.

If ATL didn’t make me pay $7.95 to get online I’d be live updating you. See you in Cincy!



  1. Definitely a teaser! Can’t wait to hear about the rest of the trip!

  2. Hi Amanda. Today has been a busy day adjusting to being back at home. The kids want lots of attention.

    My driver was Andre’ and he had quite the accent. There seemed to be a bit of a communication gap for us too. I was dropped off and picked up in a Lincoln Town Car. Oh well, it was fun!!!!!

    It was nice meeting all you fun gals. Drop by and comment some time. 🙂

  3. Sounds so fun already!


  4. I don’t know, you can be pretty entertaining!

  5. All I can say is WOW!

  6. Sounds like so much fun!

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