Music Kids Actually Like!

When I lived in Orlando, I saw a billboard for Radio Disney. It said, “Music Kids Love. Not Kids’ Music.” And that said it all. Up until recently, kids’ music has been…lame. It’s usually kinda preschool-y or low-budget, or just weird remakes of kinda popular songs. Or all of the above. Finally Disney has introduced *whisper* Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers and the like that have let kids have some idols that are you know, kids!

Most kids end up listening to whatever their parents or older siblings like. And I’m all for kids listening to good music but at the same time, I’d prefer my kids to be kids as long as possible. I want Lydia to like singing “Wheels on the Bus” as long as she wants. (I, on the other hand cringe every time she suggests we sing! Round and round, indeed!)

So, even though I’m a couple of days late for the big bloggy giveaway (because of my super fun bloggy trip to Cincinnati and Pampers!), I’m giving away 2 kids’ cds by one of my very favorite people in the whole wide world, Yancy. I love Yancy so much I could devote a whole post to her (I mean, this kinda is…). She’s a good friend of mine, a self-motivated entrepreneur, an artist extraordinaire, a sincere Godly woman and totally cute.


But in lieu of an Ode to Yancy, I’m just going to give away some of her stuff. How’s that? I know, it’s what you’ve really been wanting anyway, the FREE STUFF…

Up for grabs is one of 2 cds:

Rock-n-Happy Heart is a fabu elementary aged cd with fun worship-y type songs that are rockin’, cool and still kid-friendly.


Little Praise Party: My Best Friend is a preschool album with a bookoo of songs that range from modern stuff to some old skool classics (Father Abraham, anyone?) But as cool as Dan Zanes. And waaaay cuter. (This is my daughter’s favorite album! She loves to dance to it.)

To listen to either cd (or Yancy’s grown up albums) click here. And here to poke around her site to see what she’s about!

Just leave me a comment. You can tell me your kids’ favorite music, tell me about what you had for lunch or just say “I WANT FREE STUFF”. It doesn’t matter. I’ll close the comments at some point this weekend and then pick 2 winners–you can pick the preschool or elementary school album. And I promise you’ll love either one!

*comments closed* 

Congrats Dawn & Christine! 


  1. Have you ever heard of Janeen Brady? The cd has some awesome songs abt animals and family–my son LOVES it. These look rad though-thanks!

  2. I do love free stuff but my boys love listening to music. Currently they are listening to a pirate cd, repeatedly. I need some new tunes.

  3. Sounds like great stuff! Please count me in!

  4. My kids love music – but it has to be ‘fast’ not ‘slow; :)

    Thanks for a great prize!

  5. We LOVE They Might Be Giants. I can’t stand sappy, stupid kids music!

    the_other_alice_ (at)

  6. They listen to whatever I am. But they love the Beatles right now and pretty much have the White album memorized!

  7. Ooh, I would love this for my daughter! She loves listening to kid songs, and I am trying to remember everything I used to know (She’s 1 btw) I would love the preschool album for her! She has a fun time dancing to all the music. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Bailey's Leaf says:

    I think that my daughter is currently on Bob and Larry’s Sunday Morning songs as a kick.

    Thank you!

  9. I can only hope that this would save me from having to listen to annoying kids shows on the dvd player in the van!

  10. Definately “Little Praise Party”! My son loves music and I remember the song “Father Abraham” when I was a kid.. I believe it was by Wee Kids, anyone remember those tapes? cassette tapes.. LOL

    phillipsonlygirl at gmail dot com

  11. How funny. We have been singing “Father Abraham” this week. It’s because my kid’s devotional Bible has been talking about Abraham, Lot, and their families.

    We’re always looking for good music, so count us in. I don’t know how many more times I can sing, “God is Bigger Than the Boogie Man”. lol

  12. I need more kids music for our car rides. Thanks for the chance to win. Visit mine at

  13. Our daughter listens to cds each night while going to sleep — we always are on the lookout for good music — this looks like it fits the bill!

  14. I really liked Rock-n-Happy Heart. And my nephew would love it.

    Thanks! :0)

  15. Both of my boys love listening to music! Thank you for the giveaway!

  16. i’ve never heard of yancy . . . i can’t wait to have the kids listen . . . it’s great! thanks for this fun giveaway!



  17. I would love the Praise Party cd. My 4 year old grandson loves to sing along with the cds I have for him.

  18. I like the Rock-n-Happy Heart for my niece!

  19. I need some preschool music love! I have 2 bebes!

    onlycancan at hotmail dot com

  20. I agree – there is a shortage of good kids music. Especially Christian rock type songs for kids. My kids like rock music like you wouldn’t believe and they are fairly young. So we usually end up on youtube listening to a few select rock songs that aren’t offensive. So we’d like the Rock-N-Happy Heart.

  21. This sounds great. I’m always collecting kids’ music (love Dan Zanes!), but have trouble finding Christian tunes that aren’t . . .well . . . a little on the hokey side, iykwim. Thanks!

  22. Summer’s getting long here and we could use some new car music, thanks.

  23. My little grandaughter loves to dance to all kinds of music,I would love some new music for her.

  24. This sounds great. My guys just like music but this looks like something we (all) could stand even in the car.

  25. This look like fun! My kids love music. We listen to a lot of KLOVE, but not much “kids” music.

  26. I got so caught up in all I had going on today that I forgot to eat lunch! So, I made tasty chicken quesadillas for an early dinner;)

  27. Kristan says:

    I would love to get these! I would much prefer my twins listen to Christian music than “kiddie” stuff. And I don’t know any of the kid Christian stuff.

  28. New kids music that is not Barney or the Wiggles! Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. These sound great. Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. I’d like Rockn Happy heart!

  31. We dance daily and would love to sway to Yancy’s Preschool album!

    For lunch?? Hmm…we had Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. (My 4 year old’s favorite…and my pregnant stomach doesn’t complain either.)

    Thanks for the opprotunity!

  32. I don’t just want free stuff. I want THIS free stuff. My daughter is at the age where she wants her own music, but I am not into the whole Hannah Montana scene. This would be great to give to her!!!

  33. Jessica C says:

    y daughter is almost 10 and she loves music

  34. My younger son is crazy about music and we could definitely use something new in the CD player! He has eclectic taste (just turned 5, and likes, in equal measure, Raffi, Disney tunes, the CD from the Vacation Bible School he attended this summer, the B-52’s, They Might Be Giants, and just about anything that comes on the radio…)

  35. Oh, my kid could definitely use some new music!

  36. I would like the preschool album for my daughter!

  37. Thank you for making it so easy to enter!! For breakfast I’m having a bagel.
    fivewinks (at) cox (dot) net

  38. Hi! I would love to try her music! I think my kids would love it. They are currently loving Eric Herman’s albums. Thanks!
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  39. i think either one would be great. i’m always looking to get away from the cheesy kids songs. lol.
    alexandra dot hancock at gmail dot com

  40. I would love to win. Thanks! Make sure you stop by my site for a chance to win a Princess Bracelet made by yours truely by 5 today.

    Shay T.

  41. My son Tristan loves Music. We watch alot of the Mighty Giants.
    Also, yeah I LOVE FREE STUFF.

  42. Sounds great! Thanks for the giveaway!

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