It’s Backwards Day

1. My internet is awesome. It hardly ever refuses to connect. In fact, it’s password protected and the router can be just 20 feet away and it still connects at FULL bars every time. I never get aggravated at it. And I can always get online whenever I want. It would NEVER refuse to work so I couldn’t get online say, all of Friday. What more could a girl ask for?!

2. Moose Munch Bars are just ok. Nothing to write home about. Certainly not enough to make you compare chocolate to Heaven. And $1.99 for one bar at Target? Totally NOT worth the un-decadence of it all.

3. Some people are going to be sorely disappointed with my Love As a Way of Life giveaway. Especially Erin at Where We Love is Home and Carolynn who totally needs a blog! I’m sure I won’t remotely email them today.

4. I cannot stand So You Think You Can Dance. And I would never have a totally rockin’ post forming in my drafts file ready to share with you.

5. I am such a creative blogger.

What’s going on in your Backwards Day?


  1. I was with you til #5. It was totally not backwards. You are a very creative blogger!

  2. Well, I was awakened at some time much much later than 6:30 AM. I popped right out of bed and am practically floating across the floor. There is absolutely no pressure in my special area. I had a glorious shower, much like the one I took yesterday.

    Unfortunately, french toast is gross.

  3. I got to #2 and started thinking: “Hmmm…I thought Amanda saying she really liked those Moose Munch bars”

    I didn’t really get this until I got to the end of your post!

    Yikes! I’m slow.

  4. I LOVE getting up at 5:45am with a non-active toddler who doesn’t sleep in my bed.

    My right eye feels TOTALLY fabulous and I am having absolutely no problems seeing out of it.

    Seriously, great post, Amanda! Very creative!

  5. I’m not listening to my daughter complain about being hot and not able to take her shirt off outside like her brothers.

    And I am totally not wishing for a pint of Chubby Hubby.

    And speaking of hubby’s: I am not wishing The Calm One was here by my side instead of “fightin’ da bad dudes far away” like my youngest never says.

  6. I had the best week ever!!

  7. I love my laptop AC adapter and wish that everything could be as reliable as it. Oh, and I love buying new AC adapters because I TOTALLY don’t have anything else to spend my money on.

  8. My comment is not backwards. I got a Moose Munch bar from Target the other night and would pay $5 for those things. Oh my.


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