Monday & Tuesday Have Switched Places

I was so excited to tell you about the Wii, I didn’t even post my normal Monday randomness! (Do you see how I’ve embraced it?) Well, today I decided to bless you with some randomness. It’s just one of those days.

I have just entered my 3rd trimester. I’m 28 weeks. And according to the weekly email I’m receiving, my baby is the size of a Chinese Cabbage. Does anyone know what in the heck that is? Who makes this stuff up?

Today I had my test for Gestational Diabetes. I had to drink a cupful of some nasty sugar glucose-y something with lime flavoring. After sticking around the doctor’s office for a whole hour, they pulled two pints of my blood.

Oh, I meant, two vials.

Sorry about that. It was ok, though, Lydia thought it was amazing.

Speaking of Lydia, she can read.

OK, maybe not totally, but today she was looking at an animal book and told me every letter in the word “leopard” in order. I thought that was pretty good!

Oh, and back to the little cabbage, he is making me tired! *yawn* I took a nap yesterday while Lydia took hers and as soon as this amazing post is done, I’m hitting the bed again. So, I’m sorry if I haven’t returned your email yet, I’m snoozing on my tempurpedic.

I have a few posts rolling around in my head…one about yoga because I just started a prenatal yoga class…and one about…uhm…gosh…drat that preggo brain! I can’t remember what the other one was going to be about!


  1. You are so funny! Have a good nap…Ive been napping a lot too lately…hmmm…..

  2. Wow- this sounds all too familiar. You pretty much summed up my life right now!

  3. i am sure it’s amazing, whatever it is. now go snooze and grow your cabbage. (isn’t that what we’ve always associated babies with???)

  4. Wow, third trimester already? Time is going by fast! Won’t be long until that little cabbage gets here! Enjoy your nap!

  5. I think a Chinese cabbage is about the size of your fist. I loved getting those e-mails that correlated the size of your baby to a food item. Like you don’t have a love/hate relationship with food during pregnancy already!

  6. Wow! You’re already in trimester 3… awesome and welcome to Sleepytown! I’m Bee, the mayor!

  7. I still have prego brain and I haven’t been “with child” in a while! Love prenatal yoga!

  8. How exciting!! 28 weeks. Hoping those blood tests come out OK, and you can still eat sugar for the rest of the pregnancy.
    That will help the memory loss thingy. 🙂

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