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When My Husband Works Late…

…I twitter the entire episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Seriously.

I Took A Ride With Barry White

written on Monday morning…this is my version of a teaser…stick with me for the next couple of days, I promise you’re going to want to hear about the Pampers Mommy Blogger Event… It’s 11:55am and my plane leaves in an hour. I’m securely inside the Atlanta airport and I have to admit I’m a little […]

Music Kids Actually Like!

When I lived in Orlando, I saw a billboard for Radio Disney. It said, “Music Kids Love. Not Kids’ Music.” And that said it all. Up until recently, kids’ music has been…lame. It’s usually kinda preschool-y or low-budget, or just weird remakes of kinda popular songs. Or all of the above. Finally Disney has introduced […]


I’m in the Cincinnati airport. My flight has been delayed TWICE. My eyes are burning. My feet are swelling. But my mind is swirling. Not only did I meet the amazing (and I sincerely mean that) people at Pampers, P&G and the PR companies (Paine PR and Rocket XL), I got to process a mountain […]

Not EVEN Random!

It’s Monday and I actually have something to post. In just 2 hours a CAR is going to pick my up at MY HOUSE to bring me to the AIRPORT so I can FLY to CINCINNATI for a BLOGGY MEET UP with PAMPERS and 14 other bloggers! Do you hear my excitement?! I only had […]

Lights! Camera! Action!

When I was little it was 8mm. You know, the reel to reel. Then we got high-tech and had the VCR-in-a-bag that you carried in a purse on your shoulder with the giant movie-film-theater camera on your shoulder. But now, I am the proud owner of a digital Sony Handycam HD-SR10. Please, go check out […]

Marriage By Numbers

32: states we’ve visited 5: states we’ve lived 2: children we’ve accumulated (almost) 11: jobs we’ve had 12: houses/apartments/trailers/basements we’ve lived in 575: times you’ve fixed dinner and done the dishes 130: times you’ve mopped the floor 2,353,583: you’ve comforted me, made me laugh or encouraged me 10: years we’ve been married Happy Anniversary, Les. […]