Good Morning, East Coast!

Well, it’s 2:20 here which means it’s only 11:20 in California. If I was still there I’d be just deciding where we were going for lunch. And it would probably be Mexican. We hit up every hole in the wall Mexican joint in town. Delicioso.

I still haven’t uploaded all my pictures or even finished my laundry (it was really only one load…), we’re still a little on West Coast time. Lydia and I slept until 11 yesterday and 9 today. I could get used to that!

Anyway, while I’m still trying to corral my thoughts and pictures, I’ll leave you with my new favorite store I found while in California. It’s a baby/kid/maternity store called The Pumpkin Patch. Do you have it? Well, the second I walked in I found a dress that was about $50 cheaper and 50x cuter than the one I wore to the wedding.

this is so much more ME!

$21, folks! Blast Mimi Maternity’s stupid return policy!

And look what my aunt bought for Lydia there!

I am IN LOVE with this skirt!

SO CUTE. The top has felt appliqués on it!

OK, and one more clothing souviner. This time for my hubby. From our favorite California store, C28. I think I’ve raved about this one before.

you see the dove flying out of the gun? cool.

I actually got it in black, which makes it exponentially cooler. It says, “Blessed are the Peace Makers, for they will be called sons of God.” Then on the side/back it says, “Do not murder.” It’s pretty sweet.

And for those of you dying to know…here’s me and my red-accessorized dress for the wedding.

sorry I had to crop myself out of another pic!

Not bad, huh? And heels, even! While preggo! (My cousin, Michelle is in the picture with me. Doesn’t she look like Kate on Lost?!)

I’ll be back soon with something a little more interesting than my clothing choices!


  1. Oh good – I’m so glad you chose RED accessories! Too cute! The dress at the top is adorable. I’ll have to check their store out next time I’m in need of cute maternity clothes. Which hopefully won’t be soon 🙂

    I LOVE coming back to the east, if ONLY for the everybody-wakes-up-late thing!

  2. I agree with the Kate thing.
    Oh. And that shirt is rad!!!

  3. Very cute stuff Amanda! & you look so pretty!

  4. You look great! I’m very impressed with the heels! I can’t manage much more than flip flops these days!

    Cool stuff, too!

  5. The red accessories look wonderful! So glad you went with that. You look great, of course.

  6. Love your red accessories and YES your cousin does look like Kate! And Lydia looks so cute in her outfit too!

  7. You did great with the red accessories! You look beautiful. Lydia is a doll. Love her outfit!

  8. So, I’m confused. I thought you bought the $21 dress to wear to the wedding? The other one is just as cute with the red accessories.

    And yes, Michelle, DOES look like Kate!!

  9. Both you AND cousin Michelle are adorable all dressed up for the wedding. that dress is so cute on – – – much cuter than I could even imagine from the previous photo.

    Lydia is, as always, charming!

  10. Oh girl- you look great and now I’m going to do some shopping for Blogher… thank you!!


  11. Blast all maternity stores and their stupid return policies!! You look SUPER cute!

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