I think this is the 5th day of my oh-so-amazing week long meme while I’m in California. (I’m actually there now. I didn’t auto-post this far in advance…)

I can’t wait to get back and find a real internet connection (I am on DIAL UP right now. *choke*) so I can show you pictures of the wedding. Of Lydia with her my cousins. And just the beautiful California scenery.

So, I’ve been thinking about my question for the day. In all those silly memes and forward-this-emails, there’s always that question that makes you say, “for real?!” You know, like, “What color crayon would you be?” or something like that. Well, I can’t think any more like that and since we have already established that purple is indeed the best color in the whole wide world, I thought we needed something new.

Being on the opposite coast has got me noticing the differences between east and west. Growing up in a very metropolitan area, I think we’re pretty similar in dress and tastes. But there is that certain something that I can’t quite put my finger on that makes Southern California different than Atlanna, Georgia, y’all!

There are definitely more tattoos here. Isn’t that weird? I thought we were pretty tattooed up in Atlanta. Not so.

Definitely more surfing attire. The mall was full of surf-brand stores.

Weddings are just different.

It’s hot as BLAZES here. I guess that’s not culure, but goodgodinahot tub, I couldn’t live in 115 degree weather.

So, my question for today is my eternal culture question:

COKE or Pepsi?

(I’m from Atlanta. And Coke is the REAL thing. Just in case you were wondering.)


  1. Pepsi!!!!!!!!

    I like coke every now and then but I am a Pepsi person (sorry).

  2. Coke – – – hands down.

    Pepsi is like drinking syrup. Toooooo sweet.

  3. regular Coke, diet Pepsi

  4. Oh silly Amanda, you know there is no such thing as Pepsi. 😉

  5. Coke (and did you just say “goodgodinahottub”?!?!

  6. Another Atlanta girl here… so, duh – Coke. Coke is universal, too. “Want a Coke?” “Sure!” “OK – we got Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite….”

  7. I’m an Atlanta-girl wannabe, so it’s COKE!

  8. It really doesn’t matter to me. I think that might make me weird. I can tell a difference in their tastes, but I like them both.

  9. Pepsi is nastay! Coke is the one for me!

  10. Coke!

    One difference I’ve noticed between CA (lived there for five years) and ANYAWHERE else, is the way everyone gets dressed up and made up every day. Hmmm…it’s 4:15 in CO and I’m still wearing my workout clothes from 9:30 this morning, no makeup. Wouldn’t do that in Cali.

  11. Coke out of those two. Sprite is actually my favorite Coca-cola product.

  12. Stephanie says:

    Neither for me, because I have this weird thing that I don’t drink any brown drinks. Not on purpose – it just worked out that way – no coffee, no tea (sweet or not), no Coke, and actually nothing carbonated. However, I just got some forward today that said Pepsi is creating some patriotic cans and removed “under God” from the text of the Pledge of Allegiance so they wouldn’t offend anyone. Not sure if it’s true, but something to consider…

  13. There you have it! Pepsi is unpatriotic and unChristian! Coke is infinitely better!

  14. Dr. Pepper should be a choice! 😀

    But between the two – I’ll take Coca-Cola (with a twist of Lemon).

  15. Coca-Coke!! (what my son called it when he was 3)…oh that sounds bad…not that he was drinking it =) I don’t give him coke, but I’ll give him four layer chocolate cake? hmmm
    But I like Sprite the best. And it’s pop to me!

    I grew up in Southern Cali {near the coast} and then moved to Georgia. There are things I miss about it, but I am here to stay. You are right about the scenery. I do love it here, but when I moved here I refused many a things. I will never {evah} say y’all & slap my hub when he says mash the button to my children’s innocent ears. lol

  16. Coke! Well, Coca Cola Classic to be exact. And even here in Indiana there seems to be too many surfy stores in our mall!


  17. Coke, baby! But I married a Pepsi man.

  18. I don’t really drink either but if I did it would be Coke. My husband would probably say Pepsi though, so I guess we cancel each other out…

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