run the gamut

I KNEW it!



Are you kidding me?!

*heart swell*

Ha! Ha! YES!




These were my emotions during the LOST season finale.

I’m off to bed to mourn my show. I’ll be up with the sun to write the recap.

G’night, Losties.


  1. That sounds about right. 🙂 I live blogged tonight. I’ve watched maybe six episodes of the show, but I understood an amazing amount. That must be because my husband tells me all about it each week. 🙂

  2. Those were my reactions too. Heartwrenching!

  3. I had the same thoughts about Aaron. Who is feeding him and why is he not crying with hunger???? I don’t know know how Kate kept hold of him in the splash down!

    Ok, you know I’m not a Sawyer fan, but dang! What a hero! I think he and Juliet make hook up.

    I HOPE, HOPE, HOPE that Jin is not really dead and somehow makes it to the island. And I HOPE that Sun is going to double cross Whidmore rather than ally with him.

    And Ben is STILL creepy! And Jack needs to get a grip! And Kate needs to take a chill pill!

    Great finale! Loved that it picked up where last season’s finale left off.

  4. I am a HUGE lost fan. This season has been incredible!

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  1. […] yell out at the beginning of this post. (LOCKE! WALT! JIN! CLAIRE! MICHAEL!) My emotions literally ran the gamut while watching last night’s episode. There was not one wasted scene and it never ever […]

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