A LOST party

I really wanted to have a Lost party for tonight’s big SEASON FINALE. *sob* *sniff*

I totally forgot about it until last night…which is a little late. But I still surfed around a little to see if anyone else was having a Lost party. I found a cute one–check out the cupcakes! And early this morning (when my dh had to get up at 5am) I had a random half-asleep thought about what I’d do for a Lost party.

Besides decorating with Dharma logos and some tropical foilage, I’d want this menu:

Bread Selection
Dharma issued dinner rolls
fish crackers

Locke’s Famous Sweet & Sour Wild Boar Meatballs

Michael’s I-Can’t-Get-Away-From-The-Island-Coconut Soup

Sun’s Fresh-From-My-Island-Garden Salad
Kate’s I’m-Not-Domestic-But-I-Know-How-To-Use-A-Knife Fruit Salad

Ben’s Dinner-Party-Yet-Date-Worthy Ham

Hurley’s Lucky 4 8 15 16 23 42 Layer Bars

Specialty drinks mixed and served by Dr. Jack Shepherd

What do you think, Losties? Wanna come? What would you like to bring?


  1. Drinks, huh??!! What kind of “drinks” will you be serving?!?!

    • oh amanda says:

      Whatever Jack-the-freak decides. But Mama thought of a better drink today—LARGE BOTTLED WATER! How often are they sharing those bottles?! *shudder*

  2. Oh how fun! I may make a post today and let people know about this NEAT idea! Thanks for taking me to the cupcakes too! TOO NEAT! THANKS! I can’t wait for tonight!

  3. I have never seen the show in my life, but I’d definitely come to your party! Or maybe I should go to that other girl’s. She had vegan fish cookies! Just kidding!

  4. I’d sooo come to your party (if we didn’t live on opposite ends of the continent!). If I did come, I’d bring some of Jin’s ‘catch of the day’. 🙂

    • oh amanda says:

      Jin’s catch of the day! I LOVE it! LOL.

      I thought of another dessert, too:
      Charlie & Claire’s Peanut Butter Cookies!

  5. Can I come if I’m not a Lost fan? B/c I’m a HUGE fan of a cupcake. And party food in general.

    BTW, the link was awesome!!!

  6. I like the idea of a LOST party but not sure if I would attend one. LOST is just one of those shows that I like to watch by myself or just a few people. I don’t think I could watch it with a bunch of people. But you’re party sounds like it would be fun. I really am sad that y’all live in GA now. I wish we would have had more time to get to know each other better. I’d love to hang out with you all the time. 🙂

  7. Fabulous party! Let’s see…I could bring some music ala Charlie.

    And Sawyer’s Hunky Beef Jerky.

  8. That was a great party you sent us to, so glad I was able to stop by! HA!

    How about some of Sawyer’s Have-I-Got-A-Nickname-For-You Fries?
    (he just seems like the kind of guy that could really put away some fries)

    I didn’t get to watch it tonight but it’s ready to go as soon as my BFF can get over to watch it with me! AHHH!

  9. I’m sorry I am so late to the party! Is it over already? I’d have brought Juliet’s Smirky Seven Layer Salad. And TUMS. Lots of TUMS.

  10. thumbs up!

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