My grandmother is on the left. My great-aunt, who is my grandfather’s sister is on the right. So, these two women were sisters-in-law. Not sure of the year.

I’m wondering if Grandmama was just dating here or if they were newlyweds. Anyway, I think it’s a cute picture of the two of them. And really, do you love that couch & curtain combo?!

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  1. Very sweet. I love b&w photo. Happy Wednesday to you.

    ps. I do love those curtains.

  2. happy ww

  3. That is such a sweet photo. I love black and white pictures. And yes, the couch/curtain combo is awesome.

  4. The couch/curtain combo is terrific! 😀

    I love old black and white pictures. They have something nostalgic.

    Happy WW!

  5. Lily’s comment “Oh she’s darling with thise clothes!”

  6. I love old photos! They certainly are beautiful women. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine the old were ever young. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Happy WW!

  7. It’s adorable. Can you imagine getting that dressed up just to go to someone’s house. I don’t get that dressed up for church. 🙂

  8. How interesting that the couch and drapes are patterned but their clothes are not!

  9. I love old family pictures!

  10. Those photos look great. I wonder what color the couch and curtains are? Happy WW!

  11. I’m guessing it was 1950-something!!!

    Love the pix. Those gals were beauties, weren’t they?

  12. Yeah, someone shoot the couch and put us all out of our misery! HA!

    Those ladies sure are pretty though!

  13. I love old photos like that! Ya that couch has a lot going on. LOL!

  14. so many people don’t notice things other than the people in photographs. so glad you do 🙂

    Super great picture — love it like i love them all!

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