I Think I’m Nesting.

It’s Memorial Day. My hubby has been home for THREE WHOLE DAYS. I love Monday-holidays!

So far, we’ve mowed the lawn (well, dh did), turned Lydia’s playroom into a bedroom (sans bed, we’re on the way to Toys R US now), cleaned out AND organized the buffet, the extra random closet in the living room, the china cabinet AND moved a bookcase from one room to another PLUS put together (and filled) my amazing IKEA find.

Only four more months till baby pirate arrives. Surely I won’t be this nest-y the rest of the time, will I? It’s exhausting!

(and oh, I’ve enjoyed your theology comments. this is the first 4 minutes I’ve been online since I posted it, so I’ll be responding to them tomorrow when all this nesting is done, I promise!)


  1. Nesting sounds so productive!

  2. I hope it’s not nesting! lol Usually, that’s a sign the baby is coming soon. But you’ve definitely been productive. We’ve played this weekend, but next weekend, we are going through each room & clearing stuff out. Maybe we’ll have a yard sale… if I can find some decent stuff to sell.

  3. If your nesting continues feel free to drive over the border and attack my house. I need to get pregnant and go through nesting just so my house can get clean! LOL

  4. OH ENJOY the nesting, girl….it’s soooo wicked fun!! 😀 Happy Memorial Day!!

  5. We’ve been up to the same this weekend! I thought it was tough making room for the first one, but my goodness this is hard!!! We’re loosing our last guest bedroom & ‘storage’ closet so it’s clean out city!!!

  6. I did a lot of nesting when I was pregnant, which I think must have made up for the copious amounts of laying around I did too. The worst nesting idea I had was to shampoo the carpets…at 8 months pregnant. Ridiculous.

    Hope your weekend was wonderful!

  7. That is one of my favorite parts of being pregnant!! I love gettig everything “ready” for the little one to get here. Have fun with it and enjoy your completed projects. 🙂


  8. Sounds like Nesting, but likely it will come in spurts… I don’t envy you being heavily pregnant during the hottest months of the year so it’s probably best to get the nesting out of the way now.

  9. Yes, nesting. Definitely nesting!

    I’ve had nesting on the brain for weeks, but haven’t even begun. Bad Mama bird!

  10. I never nested w/ Woggie. I’ve nested throughout this ENTIRE pregnancy. And it’s exhausting!

    I want to see a picture of your new IKEA find all decked out!

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