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Jeremy Stinkin’ Benthem.

Losties, are you even believing last night’s episode? It was like non-stop! I can’t believe we saw every single character. If Nikki and Paulo had come out of the jungle, I wouldn’t have been surprised! I wrote half a century’s worth at The Disney Blog. Go check it out. I’m not even sure what I […]

run the gamut

I KNEW it! *sob* NOOOOOOOO. Are you kidding me?! *heart swell* Ha! Ha! YES! *swoon* ew. *shudder* These were my emotions during the LOST season finale. I’m off to bed to mourn my show. I’ll be up with the sun to write the recap. G’night, Losties.

Square Peg Auctions ***updated***

I think I’ve told you before about Square Peg Ministries. It’s a ministry to at-risk kids started by my mom, one of my bffs and my brother/sil. They do after-school programming, Bible clubs, summer camp, special events and more for Hispanic kids in low-income apartment complexes around metro Atlanta. A few weeks ago, they had […]

A LOST party

I really wanted to have a Lost party for tonight’s big SEASON FINALE. *sob* *sniff* I totally forgot about it until last night…which is a little late. But I still surfed around a little to see if anyone else was having a Lost party. I found a cute one–check out the cupcakes! And early this […]


My grandmother is on the left. My great-aunt, who is my grandfather’s sister is on the right. So, these two women were sisters-in-law. Not sure of the year. I’m wondering if Grandmama was just dating here or if they were newlyweds. Anyway, I think it’s a cute picture of the two of them. And really, […]

With Every Season’s Change

Every evening sky, an invitation To trace the patterned stars And early in July, a celebration For freedom that is ours And I notice You In children’s games In those who watch them from the shade Every drop of sun is full of fun and wonder You are summer And even when the trees have […]

I Think I’m Nesting.

It’s Memorial Day. My hubby has been home for THREE WHOLE DAYS. I love Monday-holidays! So far, we’ve mowed the lawn (well, dh did), turned Lydia’s playroom into a bedroom (sans bed, we’re on the way to Toys R US now), cleaned out AND organized the buffet, the extra random closet in the living room, […]