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My Great-Great Aunt Nell & 11 of my cousins in some form or fashion. 1953.

This is one of those pictures that my great-uncles sends out to his kids every day (!). When it’s our “branch” of the tree, he sends it to us, too. He hasn’t sent one in awhile and I realized he probably has my old email address. So, I logged in and forwarded all his old emails to myself. There were no new ones, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never shown this one before.

The house is the one my great-aunt lived in when she met her husband. They continued to live there for 3 years in an upstairs apartment. They even brought their first son home there (my dad’s cousin). The house is gone now because it burned to the ground several years ago.

I love this picture. It’s so cool to see so many of your family in one place–especially as kids. My dad wasn’t born yet, so these kids would all be his “big” cousins. And assembling 11 kids for a picture–you can just see half of them talking and not paying attention. It wasn’t wordless there either! I love it!

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  1. Take as many words as you need: moments like this are priceless. I wish we had more of them from my parents’ and grandparents’ time.

    I’ve posted my Wordless Wednesday contribution here, and hope you’ll be able to drop by and say hi:

    Have a wonderful rest-of-WW!


  2. FANTASTIC shot! I love old photos like these. They are such treasures. Thanks for sharing!

  3. it seems as though kids were much better behaved back then. Try assembling 11 kids for one photo now! Whoa!

    That is a great old photo. Keep um coming.

  4. Wow – that is so great! I love the little girl on the front left that looks like she’s having fun the whole time! HA!

  5. wow they all look happy in that old are the people in the photos now? i mean the kids?


    Check out mine too,they’re up now.

    Great Companion

  6. i loved that too. The unfocus of the kids! Great photo! 🙂

  7. Hey – – – I REMEMBER those styles.

    No, wait, wait – – – I think I’m IN that picture!!! Hehehehehehe

    Well, I WAS born in 1953. Those “kids” would be about 58 or 59 now. I promise!!!

  8. Wow! Whatta bunch!

  9. i love old pictures and wow thats alot of kids

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