Haba Haba Hoo!

At the spur of the moment I decided to take Lydia to storytime at a mom & pop bookstore near us. It’s a cute old house that’s been turned into a kids’ bookstore dream. They had every kids’ book you can imagine. Every cool educational toy, science kit and cute stuffed animal. The lady that did storytime was actually a good reader, we sang songs and even made a craft from our book (which was a sweet little book about a penguin called, Lost and Found.) I was in love. (Oh, and Lydia liked it, too.)

One of the best parts was the furniture. Everything was by Haba. Which I have known of, but to see so much of it in one place was…well, addicting. You’ll see why in just a minute.

Here’s the first little chair Lydia read a book in today. (I don’t remember what she read, because I was looking at the parenting books, mainly 1-2-3 Magic for Christian Parents. Anyone read it?)

Why yes, that is a giant helicopter on a cushion big enough for 2 kids to sit on!

Then we kept walking and discovered this!

Lydia immediately dubbed it the “p-incess tent” and we read The Story of Cherry the Piginside.

Next, we found this delicious bean bag chair nestled in between 2 bookshelves and a giant window overlooking a leafy tree.

I think we read Spot Loves His Grandpa and Katy Duck, Big Sisterhere.

Now that we’re home and I’ve scoured Haba’s website, I’ve discovered this is a must-have for me Lydia.

It’s called the Dream Gondola for goodness sakes! Who hasn’t wanted to be in a gondola once in their lives?

And our new baby MUST have this:

Is that the cutest?! When it’s done being a crib, you can turn it on it’s side and it looks just like the front of a little boat–suitable for climbing in…and reading.

I’m sure we’ll be back to storytime next week. I’m always a sucker for good books and cute furniture!


  1. Oh.my.word. Those are WAY cute!

  2. That furniture stuff is pretty cool! I bet it’s expensive too, right? Most of the good, cool stuff is. But the cradle is neat that it would have a purpose after its initial use.

  3. CUTE!!!! I’m going to have to get something from there for the boys room!!!

  4. Those are adorable!!

    I’ve read 1-2-3 Magic… but I don’t know if it was the for Christian parents, don’t remember that aspect. It works!

  5. Can you show us a picture of this book store??? I’m curious about the little old house aspect of it – – – –

    Cute furniture for the kids.

    I LOVE good children’s literature.

  6. Oh, that’s cute stuff! I’ve never heard of it before!

  7. So dear girl, allow me to ask you a question. This “discipline for ages 2-12” thing… if one were to have a 9 year old girl, (you know, hypothetically) who had never been parented by these “techniques” prior, could it still be a useful tool/resource?

    GRACE BASED PARENTING is my FAVORITE parenting book… have you read it?

  8. Ooh, I love it! I could build my own little Fairyland around several of those pieces. Hmm, but I have two boys who probably wouldn’t appreciate Fairyland very much.

  9. My kids love HABA, especially things like the Blossom Tent. We get Haba from Landbridge Toys.


  10. How VERY cute!

  11. I love them. all.

  12. SO CUTE!

  13. SOOOO cool!

  14. That must be the cutest book store on the planet!!! I love Haba stuff… so adorable!

  15. Oh. I’m in love now! Those are some of the most wonderful appointments ever! My dream stuff as a kid!

  16. Ooooh, is it really expensive, cause I MUST have some of that! Wow. Okay, now I’m off to see how many weeks of groceries we need to give up to afford those : )

  17. oh wow i love all the pieces they all look very modern and kid friendly

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