My Normal Monday-ness

Lydia is in her bed. She’s supposed to be sleeping. You know, as in the daily nap that 2 year olds (and their parents) desperately need? Well, she’s apparently forgotten how important this nap is and is singing and laughing and talking. At least she’s not crying.

Guess what? We’re officially closing on our house on Friday! Woo-hoo! I cannot cannot cannot wait! And that means I get to go Bham and eat Taziki’s and O’Carr’s and Don Pepe’s! And even more importantly, see my psuedo-parents and hopefully, bee! (Who just in case you haven’t heard about it yet, I’m hosting a baby swap with…)

I just updated my bloglines. I read 176 blogs. Is that too many? Granted, I only comment on a handful of them. Anyway, I just put them all into yummy folders. I feel very organized. So, if you’re needing some new blogs to read, you can check out my feeds. (There’s also a link on my sidebar.)

My friend Yancy is in town again. Her mama, daddy & hubby are, too. They’re all at the Orange Conference this week. So, we’ll get to party orange-style this week!

Last night at our community Bible study Les led worship. Then I did the little devotion. We used to do that EVERY Sunday and EVERY Wednesday at church. I’m not saying I missed it, but it was definitely fun!

My mom/bro/sil/bff‘s ministry, Square Peg had a big silent auction last weekend. (I bid on and won a facial! YES!) There was some stuff left over so Mandi & I are going to put it on ebay. I’ll be posting a link soon. You’ll want to play, I promise!

The baby is moving. I think. I don’t know, it just feels different. But it’s kinda making me feel sick. I even had a dream I was nauseated the other night. Or maybe I was just really nauseas. Is that normal?

[alternate title for this post:
You Know It’s Monday When I Post Something Like This…]


  1. Yay! I can’t wait to see you!

  2. Happy Monday!

  3. 176 blogs?! Holy chalupa, that’s a lot! Go, you!

  4. That’s so cool! (that you are feeling baby moving!)

  5. Wow! Congrats on the house! So exciting!!!

  6. Awww, baby is moving? Congrats! Lucky mama!

  7. I remember those days when NAP TIME was important – – – I think it was MORE important for me than the kids!!!

    176 blogs – – – you have me beat. But I read mine the FIRST time each day at 4:30 AM before I get ready for school – – – does THAT count for something???? Hehehehehehehe

  8. I thought I was bad at 140 blogs in my bloglines. I will check yours out.

  9. I have about 100 blogs in my reader, but like you, I don’t get to comment on all of them.

    I remember those early flutters making me a bit sick to my stomach too. That’s wonderful!!

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