Ben is Just Freaky

Losties, oh, losties! Finally! We had our fix last night. Did you love it? I did and then I couldn’t fall asleep because so many new strange questions were plaguing me! (Did we really see Smokey on a leash?!)

Go check out my recap on The Disney Blog. I really want to hear what you thought!

(oh, and check out Shannon’s post and Lostie-linky!)

(oh! oh! don’t forget about our baby swap!)


  1. I really like the entire episode except for the smoke thingie. It’s like they brought it back just because they needed to pop it in somewhere before the season ended. Just so . . . .weird. But the rest —- soooo good.

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  2. Loved this episode!!

    The thing that was carrying was a num-chuck/billy club type thing that he used to beat up the soldiers in the desert.

    And I think that Ben and Widmore are playing some game of the ultra-rich. Men with too much money who devise a game to entertain themselves. Only now it’s personal!

    I love the idea of a time/space travel portal, a la The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe! That’s my guess anyway.

    Love your recap – easy to follow and great details!

  3. Your link isn’t working. Too many https. 🙂 Your recap was great, however. What a good episode!

  4. Amanda have you read this?

    I read it awhile ago and it seems to make total sense. Its long but a great read and a great theory! Loved this episode. I was sobbing through half of it. lol

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