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Surely NOT a Wordless Wednesday

My Great-Great Aunt Nell & 11 of my cousins in some form or fashion. 1953. This is one of those pictures that my great-uncles sends out to his kids every day (!). When it’s our “branch” of the tree, he sends it to us, too. He hasn’t sent one in awhile and I realized he […]

My One & Only American Idol Recap

I think I do one of these a season. I really should have done this last week because this week was a little more like watching paint dry than watching our FINAL! FIVE! TOP! FINALISTS! BEST! TALENT! EVER! I’ll keep it short and sweet… Jason: Boring. David: (see rant below) Brooke: Self-Conscious. David: Great. Syesha: […]

Haba Haba Hoo!

At the spur of the moment I decided to take Lydia to storytime at a mom & pop bookstore near us. It’s a cute old house that’s been turned into a kids’ bookstore dream. They had every kids’ book you can imagine. Every cool educational toy, science kit and cute stuffed animal. The lady that […]


The oh bay-bee baby swap sign up (how’s that for a mouthful?) ends today!! If you have a baby in your life, please play with us!

My Normal Monday-ness

Lydia is in her bed. She’s supposed to be sleeping. You know, as in the daily nap that 2 year olds (and their parents) desperately need? Well, she’s apparently forgotten how important this nap is and is singing and laughing and talking. At least she’s not crying. Guess what? We’re officially closing on our house […]

Five Generations of Women

My mom (1 1/2), my grandmother, my great-grandmother. June 1958. Mama & me in the hospital when I was born. May 1977.   Me & Lydia, my firstborn. January 2006.   These are the 3 pictures that define motherhood. My great-grandmother affected my grandmother, who raised my mom, who poured into me and I’m now […]

The OTHER Winner

Last night as I was going to bed I suddenly remembered that I had TWO books to give away for my bloggy giveaway. And I only announced one winner yesterday. Apparently, the baby isn’t only sucking my creativity. *sigh* So, Amber wins one book and according to Mr. Random.Org… Heidi is our 2nd winner! Heidi […]