Archives for March 2008

The Beautiful Bodacious Baby Bump

When I was pregnant with Lydia, I didn’t show forever. I wore my regular clothes for months. Well, I’m officially 13 weeks and I have already graduated to maternity clothes. Not all maternity clothes, mind you, but enough to make me wonder if my stomach will ever go back to normal. (I know, it won’t. […]

An Actual Magnificent Monday!

Have you ever just had a good day? It’s 12:59 and I can already classify my day as GREAT! Now, don’t get too excited, I didn’t win the lotto or have the house cleaning fairies visit in the night, but I’ve just got stuff accomplished! I was going to recap the morning, but honestly, it’s […]

I Think This Helps With the Nausea

Thank you, God for Girl Scouts at the grocery store! Yes, some of them are already open. I just don’t think I’ve seen anything this heavenly in days! I did, at least, refrain from buying more than one box each. Now about my choices… Samoas are my absolute favorite and if you ever go to […]

A Little Complaining Is In Order **updated**

So, I went to my first OB appointment this week. Yes, I got an ultrasound. No, I don’t have pictures to share. My scanner is completely nutty and refuses to recognize a connection between itself and my computer. Even when I plug them directly together. The pictures aren’t that hot, more of a blur. But […]

Kevin & Michael & Walt & Sayid

I hope you watched Lost last night. It was good. I don’t know if it will cause big conversations to happen, because it was like the first episode where they actually GAVE us something without dangling too many big questions over our head. Well, go read my recap at The Disney Blog and let me […]

Where did she come from?

This morning I was awoken with, “I have to go pottttyyyyyyy!” So, I took Lydia to the potty and the first thing she said as she sat down was, “These are my hair clippies, these are my green wipees, this is my bathtub and my princess shampoo, this is my potty, this is my pajamas, […]

Springy Eastery Type Party!

Easter is four days away! Four days and we are still wearing coats outside! What happened to spring sandals and sleeveless Easter dresses? I guess Lydia and I will be stylin’ on Sunday with tights and hats! I have a thing about Easter. It started a long time ago—when I first heard that the word […]