Five @Five

I don’t know what that title means. I think it used to be on Channel 5 News. (Like the 5 top news stories at 5pm…anyone? Did I dream this?) Anyway, the point is Chel tagged me for a meme that I’ve actually NEVER done! FUN.

Basically, it’s just 5 answers for each question. (But there are 7 questions, so that doesn’t really fit, now does it?)

What I was doing 10 years ago in 1998
1. planning my wedding!
2. in college
3. driving my light blue Honda Civic
4. walking to the computer lab to check my email (imagine that!)
5. living in a dorm room by myself (heaven!)

My to-do list today
1. make dinner
2. catch up on blogs
3. laundry (i’ve decided that laundry is a picture of God. It’s never ending. He’s never ending. It’s the first and last. The Alpha and Omega. It’s here always and forever. It will never leave me or desert me. Good analogy, right?)
4. clean the dryer vent (hey, it’s on the list!)
5. come up with a million dollar online sahm job opportunity to do with my sisterchicks (any ideas?)

Snacks I enjoy
1. Girl Scout Cookies!
2. left over easter eggs (I know, weird.)
3. cherries (sounds so good! when are they in season?)
4. my few Reese’s eggs I haven’t eaten yet
5. I don’t know, everything I think of is making me kinda queasy…

Things I’d do if I were a Billionaire
1. Pay off mortgages &/or buy homes for us and our families
2. Give to our missionary & church planting friends
3. Invest/save for Lydia and baby#2.
4. Maybe some cars?
5. Tithe.

Bad Habits
1. getting lost online
2. getting lost in anything except housework
3. thinking too much
4. rolling my eyes
5. buying exercise videos and pretending that I’m going to do them everyday.

Places I’ve Lived
1. Government Assisted Apartment
2. Aforementioned Dorm Room
3. Mobile Home
4. Homeless (not a place, a state of being…we just had a truck and a trailer and traveled)
5. Lots of basements & extra rooms
(do we sound needy or what?!)

Five Jobs I’ve Had

1. Roadside Clown (for real.)
2. Hallmark Card Stocker (yup.)
3. Census Taker (i loved this job!)
4. Bridal Shoe Salon Employee (did you know that even existed?)
5. Children’s Pastor (twice, even!)

People I tag to play along
1. I
2. hate
3. tagging
4. people.
5. How ’bout you?


  1. That may be the most eclectic list of jobs I’ve ever seen!

    But now I know why you thought my snack list said olives & cherries… you got ’em on the brain.

  2. I love the comparison between God and laundry! That’s awesome!!! (but how pathetic does that make me?)

  3. I want in on the million dollar plan, k?
    roadside clown? really?
    now I can just see you rolling your eyes 🙂

  4. Oh I’m taking the non-tag just for the job category (although I don’t have clown on my list). Fun meme.

  5. I think I’ve seen you on the side of the road before! 😉

    Wanna go get some Wendy’s?!?!

  6. Can I get in on the SAHM millionaire job, as well?? lol

    I can picture you as a clown, really. I have pictures of me as a clown… somewhere. I use to do it for parties & when worked in daycare, lol.

  7. That laundry/God analogy is amazing! Thanks for playing.

  8. I worked at Hallmark too but I was actually the Asst. Store Manager – oooh – big time!! ; )

  9. That was really cute. I enjoyed reading that one a lot 🙂


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