Archives for March 2008

Mmmenu Pppplan Mmmmonday!

I have never done this before and I don’t know if I’ll do it every week, but lately I have been having issues with meals! So, today I’m posting with Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday. Here’s the thing, Lydia is a semi-vegetarian. She eats some chicken. Mostly it’s fruits, veggies, eggs and beans. Plus she […]

My Soapbox for the Week

Last night I watched Eli Stone. I’m not sure if it was the most recent one because of my beloved Tivo. Anyway, it was about a girl who got expelled from school because during an Abstinence Only assembly she played “I Want Your Sex” by George Michael. George Michael heard about this and wanted Eli […]

The Stork Has Landed

Well, not really, but PICTURES have! Finally! Let me just say that our scanner is a SCAM. It’s a Brother MFC440CN (yes, I’m telling you the exact numbers so you can boycott it! Do you hear me BROTHER?!!). It’s one of those combo deals where you can fax, copy, scan and print. I loved it […]

My NOT Lost Post

My Lost post is NOT up at the Disney Blog. Because I did NOT watch Lost last night. Because a new Lost did NOT come on last night. Because it is NOT going to be back on the air until April 24! What EVER will I do? I don’t know, maybe browse the’s Lost […]

Faith is Like a Pregnant Belly

I told you about my “God is like laundry” analogy yesterday. You have to admit, it’s true. You think I could copyright that? Anyway, I’ve actually been thinking about another theological analogy. Being pregnant has got me thinking about faith. You know, “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”? Or […]

Five @Five

I don’t know what that title means. I think it used to be on Channel 5 News. (Like the 5 top news stories at 5pm…anyone? Did I dream this?) Anyway, the point is Chel tagged me for a meme that I’ve actually NEVER done! FUN. Basically, it’s just 5 answers for each question. (But there […]

Jesus and Pumpkins

The other day I was playing on the floor with Lydia. I love watching her. Her soft little face, her silky hair, her sweet lips. I just got a surge of love and thankfulness as I watched her. I blurted out, “Lydia, did you know God has plans for you? He made you! And Mommy […]