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Death of a Six Foot Teddy Bear

Multnomah sent me another book! It’s a little mystery, a little chick-lit, a little bargain shopper! It’s a fun little mystery called, Death of a Six Foot Teddy Bear by Sharon Dunn. Sounds like a great poolside read, right? (And I oughta know…) Here’s the excerpt from Multnomah: Another murder mystery for the Bargain Hunters […]

Amanda, you just went to Minnesota! What are you going to do now?!

(wrote this yesterday…just now posting…)  I’m on the plane. On my way to the SUNNY state of Georgia! Who’d ever think Atlanta would seem balmy in February? As we left our spa, everyone was talking about how it was so warm because the temperature was finally out of the negatives. * brrr * Can you […]

Did I Really Just Do This?

must. move. fingers. must. blog. You guys, I am so tired. I have decided I could NEVER be on the Biggest Loser and work out 4 hours a day. This morning we woke up, ate breakfast (a flax seed muffin) then went straight to… *gasp* *choke* *faint* STEP class. I am so horrible at this. […]

A Serious Wordless Wednesday

Mama looking at her grandparents tombstone. Yesterday. In Minnesota. (for more ww click here and here)

What Year is This?

I feel like I have been in four states, two timezones, thirty cities and at least three different ages. Mama and I have driven all over the central part of Minnesota today. I want to tell you all about it but it will take me days to organize my pictures. We’ve been looking at cemeteries, […]

My Very Adventurous Day

4:15 am I hear my cell phone alarm ring. 5:00 am In the car with my mom. On the way to the Atlanta airport. 6:00 am Arrived at airport. 8:05 am Plane departs for Minneapolis, MN. 10:00 am Arrive in Minneapolis and the fuh-reezing cold. 3:00 pm Check into hotel in Little Town, MN. 3:15 […]

The One In Which I Sob

I usually keep up to date with Shannon from Rocks in My Dryer and Sophie aka Boomama. And I knew (and was insanely jealous) that they were going to Uganda with Compassion International. Live blogging about the lives of children who need love and Jesus? That’s my kinda gig. For whatever reason, I missed out […]