The After Post

I’m sticking my head out of the greed-fest (aka Bloggy Giveaways) I’ve been in the past 2 days to post. Seriously, there are like 600 contests right now. 600 things I apparently need more than sleep, tv or a clean house. Ahem. I was going to link to a few of my faves, but I’ve entered so many I’d never be able to find them again.

The post after a big bloggy shindig is rough. I want to be entertaining and personable in case anyone actually decides to come back and visit me. (How could you not want to re-visit this purpleness?) But I’m still a little blogged out. I just can’t think of an interesting, timely or even random to talk about.

But that has never stopped me before…

Last night we went to PF Chang’s (hello spicy chicken!) with one of our greatest friends. He and his wife were one of the couples that we worked with while starting the church in Florida. We moved away from FL in 2003 (or was it 04?). Anyway, seeing him again last night we fell into our comfortable relationship as if we had just played cards at their apartment the night before. It’s the best to have friends like that. I miss them enormously!

In Atlanta, I don’t feel friendless by any means. But our friends are more his-hers. My sisterchicks are here. Les’ bff is here. We just don’t have many couple friends. Maybe we’ll cave and join a small group at church. Maybe.

Onto something else completely riveting…

LOST begins in two days!

Lost BEGINS in two days!

Lost begins IN two days!

Lost begins in TWO days!

Lost begins in two DAYS!

I cannot. cannot. cannot. cannot. wait. I think it’s an even bigger deal because of the silly writer’s strike. (Not that the writers are silly, it’s just silly it’s gone on this long. IS ANYONE LISTENING?)

However, if the first flashback (*gasp* or flashFORWARD) is about Jack or Juliet I will just GAG.

And the last bit of gripping information for this post…

Did you watch the State of the Union last night? I watched slept through some of it. I mean, I’m not big into politics. Speeches are just speeches to me. I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard an interesting one. But I thought it was odd that a president who is SO BEHIND in the polls, who is HANGING BY A THREAD, who is the MOST UNPOPULAR president ever (do you hear the sarcasm?) was applauded a billion times. I almost felt like saying, “Seriously! Stop clapping. We get it!”

What was really intriguing is all the autographs he was signing at the end. They weren’t regular folks like us, it was all the Senators! They were standing in line to get his autograph! I don’t know, it was just an insight into the government I’d never seen. I don’t think I thought the Senators and the President were buds, but this was just funny to me. They all wanted a piece of him.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. If you’re here because of my delicious Sarah Jane giveaway, please know I’m generally more interesting…generally.


  1. Thanks to your mom, I’m on the LOST bandwagon now. I’m just about done with season 1. Of course, I’ve got lots to catch up on and will have to tivo this season until I get caught up.

  2. You’re hilarious. I know about the greedfest… I just about shut down my computer because I opened up so aany flippin’ windows!!
    Good luck!
    P.S. Did you enter mine?

  3. LOL – Love that you call it the greedfest. Last night I had to pull myself away from my computer to see straight and knit for a little while. You are also right that it is VERY hard to write that next post in your blog after the exciting giveaway one. You did a nice job 🙂

  4. PF Changs…the only thing that restaurant reminds me of is 9 months of “morning” sickness. I still can’t drive by there without feeling by stomach turn *just a little*. Wow…you think my first comment on your blog would be about something a little more insightful than my nausea. 😉

  5. I am right there with you girl! I have been stuck in bloggy giveaways too!

  6. Amanda… I don’t think I’ve ever heard/read you say anything uninteresting! lol Thanks for getting me started in the blogsphere, lol. I’m only hoping I can be as entertaining as you & some other’s I’ve seen! Hey… did you know that Lost starts in TWO days!? LOL I’ve never watched it…but I heard the news & thought I’d pass it on! 😉 😛

  7. as I read the beginning of your post, I kept thinking about how I would say something clever about how you should hang in without drowning in giveaways and Lost would pull you out in TWO DAYS…
    but you ruined it.

    oh well…

  8. I know what you mean! I hardly have the time to enter all the bloggy contests!!! =)

    Where in Florida did you live?? I’ve been to PF Chang’s twice now. I really like the atmosphere of that restaurant. =)


  9. I think it’s a wonderful post-contest post! But you had me at PF Changs. I need a lettuce wrap right now!

    My post contest post is going to be a doozy! Promise!

  10. Greed-fest? Yeah, the monster had me too. I’m embarrassed to say how long I sat at the computer yesterday. Seriously, I’m ashamed. 🙁

    Anyway….Lost! Yes! Can’t wait. But I’m gonna have to. I already have our dvr set up to record it b/c we will be at our home group that night. Ugh! But this just makes me love my dvr even more! Oh, and as I set up the dvr to record, I read about the episodes. The first hour will be a recap! Did you know this??? My thought on this….dat’s not berry nice! (as my son would say).

    Btw…I “missed” the big speech last night. Hubs and I were like “it’s on right now!” (as we continue to sit on the couch and talk with out turning on the tv). 🙂 They are typically the same. Lots of ‘blah blah blah’ and too much clapping. I’m with you, let the man talk and get it over with! Sheesh! 🙂

  11. Girl, your blog posts are always interesting!!!

  12. I have also been deeply involved in searching for items to brighten my life without lightening my wallet;)

    Phew, it’s nice to read a ‘normal’ post again.

    State of the Union speeches are always full of applause and this is his last, so that’s probably the reason for the autographs…

  13. I thought the SAME THING about the autographs! I was like, ‘what is this the red carpet or something?’ One lady was pathetically standing and following behind him like a puppy dog. Odd!

  14. It’s always nice to have couple friends. It’s ironic that just the other night we met up with what we call our best friends as they were travelling through on their way home to Colorado. I hadn’t seen them in 3 years, my husband hadn’t seen them in 5, but we just started up as if we had lived near them all along. I’ll be posting about that soon too! I’m the exact opposite right now, we have couple friends, but I don’t have any “sisterchicks”.

  15. So, I am finally using my blog. I didn’t see the State of the Union. I’m kind of sad. I normally don’t miss it! I’m pretty excited for Lost I must say! I’m so “Lost”, but I like shows that I can’t figure out. It’s no fun to know what is coming next all the time. Well, see you on the skiing trip (?).

  16. I’m pitiful… I’ve never watched Lost… by the time I heard about it I had missed so many that I couldn’t stand the thought of starting in the middle of it.

    Can we still be friends???

    I’m so lovin’ your description of the giveaways! So true for me!!


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