The Stuff Random Dreams Are Made Of

I took a blogging break yesterday. I just couldn’t think of anything to post. And I was just tired. I didn’t even visit any blogs (well, maybe one or two). I just didn’t feel like blogging. *gasp*

Anyway, I’ve been tagged about 475 times in the last week and because I’m still in a blogfog, I thought I’d fulfill one of my many tag-ed-ness-es. (Do you love the new words I’ve created?!)

This one is from a fellow Amanda @Mommy Mandy! I’ve done it probably 7 times— 7 Random Things About Me. But I thought it was time for a little randomness around here. I’ll twist it up a bit and do 7 Random Dreams I’ve Had!

Let the randomness begin…

1. When I was in 9th grade, an attractive senior guy sat across from me in my Typing class. (Why was he in the freshman typing class?) Anyway, I had a dream about him that was THE LONGEST dream of my life. It felt like 3 hours. I can’t remember the whole thing, mainly we were trying to get away from someone and running around a huge complex, but I do remember that we drove off into the sunset in a red convertible. It was the strangest dream because I did not remotely know him, never spoke to him and don’t even recall his name. It even surprised me at the time.

2. I’ve had a reccurring dream about my dad, brother and me going trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. We were walking down the street, then came to a big house. It was different from every other house in our neighborhood. For some reason we walk in and the house catches on fire! All the beams and the curtains are falling down around us in flames! I’ve had that dream so many times. It’s not a nightmare exactly, it’s just very vivid!

3. Once I had a dream that one of my friends was mad at me. The next time I saw her, I was nervous because I couldn’t distinguish my dream feelings from reality. I kept thinking she hated me! Ugh, I can still remember how it felt. It was awful.

4. When Lydia was still a newborn I dreamed she got out of her crib and walked all the way into our bedroom because she needed something. She was still her newborn size and couldn’t walk well. It was terrifying as a new mom and slightly creepy to boot.

5. I’ve had dreadful dreams about people while they have been going through bad situations in real life. I knew 6 little girls that had adopted and after about 2 years, their adopted parents “gave them away”. I had horrible dreams about them running away from burning houses and trying to find me. *shudder* I still feel like maybe we should have adopted those girls. It just makes me sick.

6. I have very detailed dreams “starring” people that I’ve never ever met. Not like famous people, just made up people! Is that normal? It’s so weird, whole dreams of me interacting with made up people! I just wonder how my mind can make up completely pretend people with faces and personalities, but I can’t  write something as interesting!

7. Last night I dreamed I wrote a really boring blog post but I still got tons of comments about how great it was. We’ll see if that one comes true. Ahem.


(ps–I tried to write dreamt but my spellcheck said that wasn’t a word. I looked it up in an online dictionary…and said dreamt is a word. Anyone know what the deal is? Is it dreamed or dreamt?)


  1. Dreams are very strange things. It’s so funny what your mind comes up with, isn’t it?

  2. My dictionary says it can be “dreamed” or “dreamt”. Use them interchangeably.

    I have had some really wacky dreams myself. I imagine I could fill a blog post, too.

  3. Dreams are huge mysteries to me and one of the biggest questions I have for God. There are so many theories and, being the having of incredibly vivid dreams- I always struggle with not getting too new age about them…

  4. I knew a guy in high school that could control his dreams. He tried to teach me but I never got to be as good as he was with it. Then he’d ask me about it all the time. Got to be a little annoying. But he was a nice guy. Anyway, yes, dreams are weird and I agree with Misty, I have questions for God about them! 🙂

  5. I once had a dream that I fell in love with this little (obviously black) guy from the backwoods of Africa. I loved him so much, but towards the end of the dream he turned into this horribly redneck, scraggly haired gross, (obviously) white guy. (I don’t know of any black rednecks.) Uh! What does that mean?

  6. I cannot believe that you remember that many dreams! And as far as dreamed and dreamt…I’m like you, I’d just figure out ways to keep it in the present tense! I probably wouldn’t even have bothered to look them up. I’m kind of a blog slacker that way! 🙂

  7. How fun! I think #4 would freak me out, too.

  8. Personally, I prefer dreamt.

    I also have dreams about “regular people” i have never met!

    Last night I had a very VIVID, detailed dream about meeting a friend from one of the message boards I frequent. I cannot get it out of my head! Anyway, dreams and dreaming are definitely on my mind today – what a fun way to do this meme!

  9. I have really weird and vivid dreams too!! BTW, I use both dreamt and dreamed… 🙂

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