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Are You Sure It’s Christmas?

I went shopping today at my favorite store, Tar-jay. I was there, of course, to go Christmas shopping. It is, after all a mere 3 days away. THREE DAYS. Well, as I was buying candy canes, scarves and santa hats, I also found some Valentines and a swim suit. Let me repeat myself: VALENTINES and […]

Guess I Should Announce The Winners, Huh?

I was sitting here re-reading my blog because I couldn’t think of anything to post. Do you ever do that? Just read your blog? I don’t know why I do that. I guess I’m just a proud little blogga-mama. *rolling eyes at self* Then I remembered it was Friday and I usually close my oh! […]

Why I Didn’t Have Time To Post Today

[alternate title: My Little Puppeteer] [alternate alternate title: Is She The Cutest Thing EVER?] [real title: Lydia At a Create-A-Puppet Workshop]

Just a Little Chocolate Linky Love

Thanks to the UPS store and $13 stinkin’ dollars, Melissa got her Chocolate Beach gift basket today! Go check it out…you’ll even get to see the sisterchickie’s autographs! Oh, and Staci blogged our sisterchick party. She got better pictures than me (thanks to the gift I gave her!).

As If You Really Wanted to Know MORE About Me

Well, I can’t help it. I’ve got to do join up with Musings of a Housewife’s Top Ten Christmas Songs. Yes, I know, I’ve inundated you with traditions, ornaments, trees and ridiculous pictures. But I’ve been wanting to post about my favorite songs because…well, the past few weeks I’ve been channeling my inner American Idol. […]

Santa Claus is Coming To Wordless Wednesday

My brother, Santa & me. (circa 1981.) We didn’t do Santa at our house, so I don’t really know why Mama and Daddy had us get our pictures taken with him. But isn’t he a cute Santa? He looks very much interested in what I’m saying. It’s funny that I’m even talking to him. I […]

The Cuties & The Softies

I have chosen. Yes, I found a doll for Lydia. I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats wondering what she’s going to get for Christmas. And I ended up not even ordering it online. A new toy store opened up down the street from us. I decided to wander in and […]