You Totally Need This

Back in the day Christian Tshirts were in. You know, “IN”. And I had them all! Let’s see, a few of my faves…

“Heaven? Yes. Hell? No.” (I even wore that one to school!)

“Forget the Whales! Save the People!”

“All Good People Go To Heaven. NOT!” (How cool was I?)

Well, thanks to some great companies, Christian clothing has gotten TONS cooler! When we were in California, my cousin was a manger (or something) for a cool, very cool store in the mall called C28. It’s basically a PacSun for God-lovers.

Every time we go to California we stock up on clothes, hats, belts and stickers from C28. Well, my brother and my sil have decided they aren’t waiting till we go to California and they’ve started ordering online! And guess what their themed gift was this year? A C28 Christmas! Oh, yeah!

I got THE best purse ever.

Do you love it? It’s purple! See the chandeliers? And the words? It’s Matthew 5:16, “Let your light shine before others…” The tag said something like, “Just like a chandelier carries light, remember when you carry this purse to carry your light for others to see!” Isn’t that cool?! Plus, it’s made from a hoodie so it’s soft and squishy! I love it.

Everyone got something cool from C28…I think they did the best for Daddy. What do you think? And now that I’ve gotten bitten by the C28 bug, I’m thinking about getting these and this. And that’s just in the clearance section!

If you need to spend some of your Christmas money, need some cool added to your wardrobe or your kid’s wardrobe, give these guys your money!

(I swear they aren’t giving me any money or gifts, I just had to share how much I love this company!)


  1. Very cool, love the purse!
    I’ll head over and look at the site too!

  2. I now dread Christian apparel because of “back in the day.” Even still Christian bookstores are filled with, well, you know…

    This is seriously the coolest thing (things) ever!!!

  3. I am so glad you like it! I was actually going between those black shoes and the purse! You totally have to get the shoes! I love C28, I am hooked!

  4. Heaven yes, Hell no…….I love it!!! A part of me is shocked you got away with wearing it at school, the other part, not so shocked. 🙂

    Sounds like a cool store, I’ll have to check it out!

  5. Amanda, I literally lol’d when I read the “Heaven yes, Hell no” – I used to have those shirts too! My favorite was a play on all those Nike ads, likes “Just live it, just breathe it, just pray it…just do it! Live for Jesus”. Wow…haven’t thought about that shirt in years.

    Love the bag!!

  6. That is a rockin’ purse!

  7. Too cute.

  8. I love purple, and that’s a great bag. I’ll have to go see the cool website.

  9. I love the shoes (of course)!
    I’ve never heard of any of those places you linked to, so thanks!

  10. The belt is adorable. You gotta get it!

  11. That purse really rocks! Does it come in pink or red? 🙂

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