Mission Accomplished

Remember the Christmas Tree Lighting Party/Secret Mission Lydia went on?

Well, we finally found out the whole story…



Is that the cutest thing?!

Mama and Daddy bought the girls dresses, tight and shoes. They “kidnapped” them from us, took them out to eat and then to get their pictures taken. We got a beautiful 8×10 and lots of extras for Christmas. How sweet is that?

You can see all the pictures here.


  1. Oh simply precious! The girls are just beautiful!

  2. How precious and what a great and thoughtful gift! The girls look fantastic!

  3. Seriously? They are beautiful. Lydia has changed so much. I mean, she’s always been beautiful but geez louise.

  4. You have the coolest mom, I’m going to have to start taking notes so I’ll be prepared when the kids start having kids 🙂
    Lydia has such a precious little face, she is adorable!

  5. Very precious, and a gift you’ll treasure always! They are just adorable!

  6. These pictures are absolutely beautiful! What a great Christmas gift!

  7. What absolutely adorable pictures!!!! Lydia is so melt-in-your-mouth sweet!!

  8. How cute are they?!

  9. What gorgeous pictures!!!

  10. I knew it! What a wonderful surprise!
    Great pictures!

  11. I suspected it was something like that! 😉 Aren’t those two adorable?! Love the dresses. Grandma and Grandpa and their two secret agents did great. 🙂

  12. Oh how beautiful! What a great present!

  13. Beautiful!!!! Lydia is absolutely gorgeous!

  14. That IS the cutest thing!

  15. Those pictures are too cute! What a blessing!

  16. They are adorable! What a great Christmas present from your parents.

  17. Every time you blog about your parents, I get all mushy. You have the best parents ever!

  18. it truly is, the cutest!!!

  19. I love these pics! So fun! Nora isn’t very good at keeping secrets!

  20. They are so pretty!!!

  21. your girls are adorable!

  22. What an AWESOME thing for your folks to do!

    That is just precious!

    Happy New Year to you!


  23. The pictures turned out great! How nice of the grandparents to do that.

  24. How sweet was that!! Those pictures are so precious!!!

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