The Blog Factor

I don’t even know what that title means. I was just trying to get “blog” in there. Maybe I should have done, “Tales from the Blog” or “The Creature from the Blog Lagoon”.

Apparently, my bloggy creativity is waning. I can tell I’ll be lightly posting the next few days and in light of the 5billion posts in my bloglines, I *gulp* marked every blog I read as “read”. So, I apologize to my bloggy friends. If I haven’t commented on a post already, I probably won’t! But I promise, I’m going to be caught up after that!

Did Christmas tire you guys out? I don’t know why I’m so exhausted. I guess knowing we have fam coming in for New Year’s and then Lydia’s birthday snuck up on me–it’s in less than 2 weeks! I have A LOT to do…because Lydia’s party is going to be so fun. I’ve been kinda planning it for months.

In Christmas gift news, I’ve been playing with my Photoshop Elements. It is so incredibly fun–I’m about to be a real digital scrapbooker! That’s the kinda craft I can get into–digital!

OK, that’s enough of this completely boring post. I’ll be back when I have something interesting to say!

(ps–sorry, I had to delete the previous post about my playlist. For some reason it posted twice and went crazy!)


  1. Wow, sounds like you still have a lot on your plate. We got the birthday done before Christmas. It was stressful at the time, but it’s nice to have it over with. Now I can just relax. And clean up, goodness is there a lot of cleaning up to do!

  2. I’m tired too! I guess just the build up and running is exhausting… I’m kinda glad I don’t have big new year plans!

  3. I love digital scrapbooking. I need to get back into it. problem is I will make layouts but I love how REAL layouts look in scrapbooks. I just need to scrapbook. lol.

    Oh! do you have a button I can put on my blog? I thought I had seen one before.

  4. Oh, digi-scrapping is fun. And Photoshop rocks. You’ll have tons of fun with it.

    Big photoshop secret is to always create a new layer before you do anything else. It will save you tons of heartache

  5. I spent part of yesterday “cleaning up” my Google Reader. I had a backlog of about 1,000 unread posts.

    I feel lighter now.

  6. Your blog on a “boring” day is still an interesting day to me!

  7. If you ever need any help with photoshop, let me know. I work in the CS3 version . . . and even though there is GOBS for me to still learn, I love any chance I can get to teach what I do know! Have fun with it, a!!

  8. Oh, yeah — Christmas definitely exhausted me too. Relax…. But sometime I’d love to hear more about the blog lagoon from you.

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