Why Being a Guest Blogger is Bittersweet

I’m sure you are sick of remember that I am a guest blogger on The Disney Blog and do weekly Pushing Daisies reviews. Well, do you also remember the 2nd week in, I had a tivo snafu and didn’t get to watch the whole episode?

The next week, I never blogged about, but it was the after we got back from our mini-vacation to Florida. Les was working that night and I was home alone. I sat down to watch Pushing Daisies and when I turned the TV on it was a blank screen that said, “Ha! Ha! Joker! Call DirecTV to see if I’ll let you watch any more of me!” Or something like that. And when I did, they said I hadn’t paid my bill. (Which I had.) And they would not reconnect it for like 24 hours. So, there I sat with no Pushing Daisies and NO DIRECTV.

Well, the Pushing Daisies gods must not like me because today about 2pm, as I sat down to write an article for Real Life, I had a sudden wooshing-flash of horror because I realized I didn’t watch Pushing Daisies last night. It did not even cross my mind! Les and I watched TWO hours of The Biggest Loser. But Pushing Daisies? Never heard of it.

Well, thank goodness I had just put Lydia down for a nap. So, I rushed an email off the John from The Disney Blog entitled, “I’m a moron” and started up my Tivo. But lo and behold, Lydia decided she didn’t want to sleep. She talked/whined/cried for an hour. Then after I changed her diaper and read her another story, she slept for 45 minutes (instead of her usual 2 hours). At 5:38pm I finally finished my review. So, please, go over and look at it. It may not be as awesome as my cards, but at least it’s up.

Oh, and Pushing Daisies is being nominated for a People’s Choice award. You can vote for it (and about a million other tv shows, songs & movies). It’s kinda fun!

(you still have about 12 hours to enter my oh! ho! ho! giveaway this week…there’s going to be 5 winners!)


  1. would you kindly refrain from reminding people about your giveaway, please? I am very interested in winning and it’s quite likely that you’re killin’ my odds!



  2. I have had days like that! It took me two hours to peel potatoes and cook them on Thanksgiving Day b/c i kept getting interrupted! It’s a good thing I didn’t have to cook the whole dinner!
    BTW, I’ve tagged you for a meme. Click on over to my blog for the details. Thanks!

  3. I don’t even watch the show, but reading your delightful review made me want to start! It just comes on at SUCH an inconvenient time for me, what with bedtime falderal and all . . . And alas, we are without DVR. It does look quite cute though!

  4. I thought of you last night as me and the kids watched PD. I like it more and more. I wouldn’t have watched it at all had it not been for you!

  5. i bookmarked you in my browser admin thank you so much i is going to be looking for your upcoming posts

  6. i bookmarked you in my browser admin thank you so much i is going to be looking for your subsequent posts

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