Prepare to Be Amazed At My Craftiness

I love crafty stuff. You know my obsession with etsy. I even think I’m a little crafty. But it doesn’t ooze out of me like some people I know. So, to do something crafty is a big deal for me. But when Staci asked if I (and the other sisterchicks) wanted to have a booth at her school’s craft show, what did I say? OH YEAH!

Now, what to make? I don’t scrapbook. I don’t knit, crochet or sew. I can’t paint. My stamping abilities dried out with the stamp pads I bought in 6th grade.

But, I do have a few crafty supplies–you know the random scrapbook stuff you buy when it’s on sale because you just know you’re going to scrap your daughter’s first year over the weekend. I have a few glue guns, lots of random ribbon and even some embroidery thread.

So, last night I dropped by Kristen‘s to see what she & Staci had been crafting and I got inspired! They’d been making Christmas cards. OK, enough rambling—look what I made last night!!

Are you so impressed? Please heap me with compliments. I truly can’t believe I made them! They go on sale immediately for $24.99 each. Hey, they took me along time. I think it’s reasonable!

don’t forget, my oh! ho! ho! giveaway ends tomorrow!! 


  1. well they are quite lovely! Who wouldn’t love to open their mail box and receive one of these? Seriously! Charming. Great job you crafty girl!

  2. i’m with you on the craftiness thing, but these are super cute!

  3. very creative!

  4. Those are absolutely awesome!!!!

  5. Amanda – those are beautiful! Not too crafty, my hiney! Great job!

  6. from one card maker to another, these look great!

  7. You go, girl! 🙂

  8. Very Nice!!!

  9. I love ’em!

  10. Great Job! I too collect crafty things and just don’t know what to do with them. I have stickers, paper, beads, glitter, cardstock etc. LOL!

  11. Let me know what sucker pays you $25.00 for a card. I’ve got something to sell them….;)

  12. And just in case you were serious about that price, let me be a good bloggy friend and tell you not to expect much inventory to move. And I’m asking you not to be mad at me. And cut me off. And not pick my name in your oh!ho!ho! extravaganza. And all those sort of things…

  13. Those are so pretty! Great job!

  14. oh girl – those are CUTE!

  15. I am sooooo not crafty but I sooooo appreciate it in other people. Very, very cute cards!! I’m way impressed.

  16. Those are amazing! They are going to fly out of the booth!

  17. I am amazed at your craft abilities. You are my hero!!

    BTW, I think I fixed the email issue!!


  18. I am impressed!!! Really, really cute!

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