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We are taking a break from my beautiful black-and-white family pictures to bring you a retro-ohamanda picture. This is my first grade Christmas play at school. I’m sorry it’s so blurry. But I love this picture. All the faces are so familiar to me. I wish I could remember all their names. Let’s see…

The teacher with her back to us wearing the tan dress? My favorite teacher of all time, Mrs. Weinberg.

The first little boy on the left with the outstanding bowl cut? Jeremy O’Connell

The adorable girl dressed as a gift and wearing a giant bow in her hair? ME! (I have very vivid memories of this night. I can remember holding my lines in my hand. It was just a scrap of paper, only big enough for my one line. And I’m pretty sure the wrapping paper was a Disney character.)

The little boy next to me dressed in white with an “I” on his shirt? Chris Luke (incidentally he asked me to dance at our 8th grade dance. I said no. Sorry, Chris. Oh, and he’s dressed as icicle, in case you were wondering.)

And there is Sam Sneed in the blue robe and crown on his head. I think he was one of the 3 Wise Men.

Are you impressed? I’m pretty sure we were doing the Christmas Alphabet. And yeah, I’m pretty sure we called it Christmas back then. Speaking of Christmas, don’t forget about my spectacular oh! ho! ho! giveaway this week–it ends on Friday and there will be FIVE winners!

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  1. Oh, you would be the gift with the giant bow in her hair, wouldn’t you?? 🙂

    So funny that you remember all those names.

  2. LOL!!! That’s GREAT. It’s just so 1982, isn’t it??? 😉

  3. Amanda, ( am so unbelievably impressed. There aren’t words. About a year ago, a friend from elementary school (and whom I haven’t seen since 6th grade when I moved) found me on myspace. We reminisced and then she posted a photo from our class. It was a standard group photo and I felt senile. There I was, amongst a few tiny yet familiar faces… But I couldn’t name more than three of the faces staring back at me. (and this included my sweet little face!)

  4. haha…that is SO fun! I have a picture like this too, and they are just so funny to look back at…such good memories! 🙂

  5. Such beautiful memories! thanks for sharing:)

  6. I can’t wait until my little girl gets to be in school plays. This picture is adorable.

  7. Too cute!!!! I love the costume! 🙂

  8. That’s so funny. I had to wear a box costume once. It’s fine unless your nose itches or you fall down. Just try getting up or scratching your nose with your arms pinned to your sides.

  9. What a fun memory! Great pic too!

  10. Oh, how cute is that! I love the idea of the ABCs of Christmas.

    And thanks for stopping by and commenting on the tomato paste tip!

  11. Your doing better than me. I can’t remember even the people I went to high school with!!

  12. You probably remember EVERY WORD to that song, too! What a cute little present you are!

  13. Oh my gosh, that is so funny. I’m impressed you remember so many names also.

  14. I can’t even remember the fifth grade much less any-one’s name. *lol* It’s cool that you still have old pictures like that.

  15. Those names are probably seared into your memory. This is such a great picture – looking back at those memories: life was innocent and good, no? 🙂 You look adorable!

  16. Stephanie says:

    That’s awesome! I haven’t heard those names in years! I went to church with Chris… I didn’t realize you guys had gone all the way through school together. Wonder what they’re doing now…

  17. Who’s the cutest, though??
    Do you remember that Sylvia Carroll was there that night too becuase her nephew was in your class?

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