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I almost want this…

…wrapping paper. Seriously, is that freaky?

Everyone’s a winner!

Is that title misleading? Well, it shouldn’t be because look what I found!! In honor my Adventures in Odyssey giveaway, a free full-length Christmas episode of Adventures in Odyssey via their podcast! So, click here to listen! And enjoy!! (I had a few problems with that link, so if it doesn’t work click here. Then […]

Why Being a Guest Blogger is Bittersweet

I’m sure you are sick of remember that I am a guest blogger on The Disney Blog and do weekly Pushing Daisies reviews. Well, do you also remember the 2nd week in, I had a tivo snafu and didn’t get to watch the whole episode? The next week, I never blogged about, but it was […]

Prepare to Be Amazed At My Craftiness

I love crafty stuff. You know my obsession with etsy. I even think I’m a little crafty. But it doesn’t ooze out of me like some people I know. So, to do something crafty is a big deal for me. But when Staci asked if I (and the other sisterchicks) wanted to have a booth […]

A Wordless Wednesday Gift

We are taking a break from my beautiful black-and-white family pictures to bring you a retro-ohamanda picture. This is my first grade Christmas play at school. I’m sorry it’s so blurry. But I love this picture. All the faces are so familiar to me. I wish I could remember all their names. Let’s see… The […]

Update on my Psuedo Mom

Thank you so much for all your prayers. It honestly means so much. I so believe in the power of prayer. I can just see our little bloggy prayers making a big difference! Donna got out of surgery last night at 7pm! She had the mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Apparently, they found more cancer than […]

Something Beautiful Happened Today…

…God spoke to me. He did. I know I’ve mentioned if a few times, but my husband and I are very uncertain of our future. We’ve been out of full-time vocational ministry for over a year. We’ve always always always known that’s what we were supposed to do with our life. But after two very […]