Wordless Hallo-Wednesday


This is a Halloween Party at friend of my grandparents. 1960.

Notice the guy holding up the sheet music. The strange tablecloth hung up in the middle of the room. The paper skeleton on the wall (I think we can buy that same one today!) I think the guy in the hat has a microphone in front of him. When was the last time you and your friends got together to jam on a trumpet and sax? What were they doing? I’d love to be at that party!

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  1. Fun stuff!
    I love your pictures!

  2. wow, great shot!!

  3. Boo! – Happy WW!

  4. Very cute. Happy Holy-Weenie.

  5. wow…that is crazy! They had halloween parites back then too? hehe 🙂

  6. The looks like a blast. I always have trouble imagining the generations before us having fun, but they did!

  7. That reminds me of parties (of any kind) in the high school gym. 🙂 As quaint as they were, I kind of miss the innocence of them.

    Happy Halloween!

  8. great photo:) I love seeing photos from years gone by!!

  9. Neat old photo. 1960–that was ten years before I was born. My dad would have been 17. Wonder if he went to any parties like this.

  10. Love it! I bet the music was good!

  11. I love to look at old pictures like that!!

  12. What cool pictures! Those were the days.


  13. I love it! Love the basement 🙂 In college we had a basement like that. But we didn’t have cool Halloween parties back like that 🙂

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