Oh! Ho! Ho!

I’ve been brainwashed by those marketing freaks who think you should start shopping two holidays in advance. But nonetheless, here it is…

I know. I’m a freak. But please, play along!

(uhm…click the cute little Christmas graphic…because uhm, free stuff is involved.)


  1. Well now you’ve got my curiosity up.

  2. Looks fun…just added a post linking over to ya. The graphic is so cute I wanted it on my site 🙂

  3. looking forward to it!


  4. Christmas already?? NOOOOOOOO!!!!! (not to be confused with the fact that I *heart* Christmas so much, but it’s here already?!)

  5. Hey Amanda. Tried to post your link to the smaller button, but it’s not working. Help!?

  6. Sounds fun! I can’t wait!

    I had a similar plan for Christmas, more like a shopping guide with reviews and giveaways, but my “technical director” is up to his eyeballs in gigs that are actually PAYING him, so I feel kind of bad going to him with a “make me a cute button” request.

    So I may end up with a cheap “Oh Ho Ho” knock-off… oh well! 🙂

  7. Fun! Your button’s up on my knitting site. I LOVE me some Christmas!

    Now I need to find out how to create buttons… 😉

  8. I put the banner up, it’s cute!

  9. I posted your button on my blog!

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