Just Some Bloggy Stuff

Well, folkses, I’ve got some bloggy stuff going on in my head. Let’s just write a little shall we?

Numero Uno. Have you joined NaBloPoMo yet? *sigh* I just love to say that. NaBloPoMo. NaBloPoMo. Anyway, it’s just a big group of bloggers that have commited to posting every day in November. That’s not really the cool part. The cool part is that when you sign up, you get your very own NaBloPoMo social networking page. It’s like a giant myspace just for NaBloPoMo. (It’s designed by Ning. And I guess anyone can make their own “myspace”. I’m thinking of making one just for oh amanda readers. What do you think? KIDDING.) Anyway, click my awesome pic below to join! (And don’t forget to make me your friend!)

Dos. The Fall Yall Giveaway is coming up on Monday! Are you so excited? That means free stuff galore! Well, this time I’m combining this giveaway with another giveaway…that is going to start a big long month of giveaways! Are you confused yet? Well, just know that I’ve got some giveaways coming up. And they just might have to do with Christmas. Or with me. Or with what I love about Christmas. But yeah, it’s gonna be free. (I’m so excited!!)

Tres. I’m a mathlete. Oh. Oops. I meant, Mathetes. (That’s Greek for ‘disciple’. Yes, I went to Bible School. No, I didn’t know that.) Two of my favorite bloggy friends gave me an award. And I have to tell you, these are nice. And humbling. Melodye & Jenny gave me this award because they think I act (and blog) like a disciple of Jesus Christ. WOW! Thank you. I’ve said before this is an interesting season we’re in. I’m not used to not being in full-time church ministry. But to have to “strangers” say they can see Jesus in my blog posts is very encouraging. Thank you again!

Quatro. One more birthday. My favorite bloggy friend, Laura. She’s lives in Qatar. Imagine being in another country on your 30th birthday. She’s a brave one. And she’s such a thoughtful Christian, mommy and wife. I love to read her blog. Go over and say Happy Birthday, ok? (I’m just full of birthday orders today, aren’t I?)

Cinco. I don’t know. I can’t think of anything else. I refuse to blog about gay Dumbledore. I think I’m glad Oprah didn’t call me back, she’s had so many weird sexual shows this season, dontcha think? I entered Lydia in a costume contest. Peter Petrelli is getting on my nerves in this season of Heroes. And my cousin in California is pregnant! (Yes, they are near the fires. Not in. But near. Pray for them!)

Seis. The end. (btw, was my Spanish correct?)


  1. Looks like a lot of fun stuff!

  2. What a lot of bloggy stuff going on!! I like the sound of NaBloPoMo too! Congrats to you and have a great day!

  3. Southern Girl says:

    Your spanish was correct except for the spelling of “four” — it’s “cuatro.” As a former Spanish teacher, I’d only count off half a point. 😉

  4. All right, I signed up to do NaBloPoMo.

    Doesn’t that sound like something delicious and exotic to eat?

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