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Oh! Ho! Ho!

I’ve been brainwashed by those marketing freaks who think you should start shopping two holidays in advance. But nonetheless, here it is… I know. I’m a freak. But please, play along! (uhm…click the cute little Christmas graphic…because uhm, free stuff is involved.)

Wordless Hallo-Wednesday

This is a Halloween Party at friend of my grandparents. 1960. Notice the guy holding up the sheet music. The strange tablecloth hung up in the middle of the room. The paper skeleton on the wall (I think we can buy that same one today!) I think the guy in the hat has a microphone […]

Judging is Loving

(i started this post on sunday and just finished it today…) Today at church I went to a volunteer orientation for the nursery/preschool department. That’s right, I’m about to join the ranks of nursery workers! I’ve been in children’s ministry all my life. But I’ve probably only actually served in the nursery 12 times total. […]

It’s Fall Yall!

Shannon‘s hosting another bloggy giveaway carnival thingy! I love giveaways. Because well, I like free stuff. In fact, I just counted up the other day all the free books I’ve won online since I’ve had a blog and I’ve won 7! Isn’t that cool? Well, now it’s your turn. Not only will you be able […]

Super Cool Saturday Stuff

Could I write a cooler title? This is why I make the big bucks. Any-way. You just have to see this. Is this the best thing ever? Heather and Jessica are the ones that gave me step by step directions for getting my own domain and all that other techy stuff. But this new blogroll […]

The Best Book in The Whole Wide World

I have a thing about kids’ Bible storybooks. I think they are stupid. They are usually full of half Bible stories and no real scripture. I don’t want a storybook that makes Noah’s story about a fun boat ride with animals–when really it’s a story of God’s judgment, protection and love! When we were children’s […]

Just Some Bloggy Stuff

Well, folkses, I’ve got some bloggy stuff going on in my head. Let’s just write a little shall we? Numero Uno. Have you joined NaBloPoMo yet? *sigh* I just love to say that. NaBloPoMo. NaBloPoMo. Anyway, it’s just a big group of bloggers that have commited to posting every day in November. That’s not really […]