I’ve written this post 3000 times.

I know, I need to stop complaining already, but I can’t—it’s Monday. And I just can’t blog on Monday. I think I’m going to have to come up with a new meme. It could be entitled Manic Monday; we could be wildly excited about Monday. Or Malady Monday, we could share our aches and pains. Or maybe Mygoodnessisitreally Monday. *sigh*

Not interested? Well, instead I guess I’ll just tell you about my Favorite Meal Monday. No, not my favorite meal of all time, but my favorite meal of Monday. There’s only 3 meals to choose from, so this shouldn’t be too hard.

See, I haven’t been grocery shopping in…well, too long. My friend Wendy is a coupon genius and she’s got me hooked up with the Grocery Game. She can save like 75% at the grocery store. I’m not kidding. She amazes me. So, I’ve been trying to understand this before I go grocery shopping. Well, apparently I’m a slow learner and we now are eating chips, eggs and left over black beans for every meal. Not quite appetizing.

Today was a long one (we spent the morning with Lydia’s cousins at an inflatable playground, we did puppet stuff in the afternoon and housecleaning after that). Hubby wasn’t going to be home for dinner. I figured going out to eat was better than me eating popcorn and M&Ms for dinner.

So, we stopped by this little French cafe. Yes, a French cafe. Lydia had some healthy side dishes that made up a yummy meal. But I–oh! I had something wonderful. French Toast. Oh, not just any French Toast. This wasn’t Texas Toast thrown in some egg yolks and slapped on a pan. This, my friend, was a culinary cabaret (anyone know where that’s from?). The bread was croissant dough stuffed with raisins. Encased in caramelized cinnamon sugar. Topped, no, piled with fresh blueberries, strawberries and mandarin oranges. Then lightly dusted with powdered sugar. And swimming in boysenberry syrup.


So, there we go. My Favorite Meal Monday. And if I ever do this “meme” again, please pray for me don’t come back be patient and wait for my Wordless Wednesday!


  1. Mmmmmm….that french toast does sound good! I want me some! Maybe I’ll settle for pancakes for dinner one night this week, since hubs is away and traveling. But they won’t be as good as what you had for lunch, that’s for sure!

  2. oh…is it from Beauty and the Beast?!?!

  3. Jason made French toast last week and it was killer! I love breakfast food!!! One of my favorites!

  4. Sounds yummalicious!!

    I am hoping you WILL let Bee highlight your hair so we can see it. hee hee That would be blog worthy!! “Monday Highlights with Amanda and Bee – what not to do and what to do!” 🙂

  5. Take away all the fruit and raisins and the french toast sounds wonderful 🙂
    My favorite meal for this Monday wasn’t the egg with parm and ww toast for breakfast… nor the leftover garlic brocolli with rice (chinese takeout) I had for lunch… it WAS the steak and baked potatoes for dinner! Especially the baked potato! YUMMY.

  6. Yummy. Sounds good.

  7. I’m already sitting here hungry with the late night munchies on my mind and then I read THIS! Now I’m starving!

  8. I like it. You should talk about food every Monday. Oops! Forgot the diet for a moment there! Maybe you shouldn’t!

  9. It’s from Beauty and the Beast! My favorite Disney movie ever!

    I’m with you on Mondays. We’d have to do “Monday LowLights w/ Amanda & bee!”

  10. I’m thinking I need to get hooked up with this game. 🙂


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