I’m famous!

I think I’ve mentioned a few thousand times that I love bloglines. I have all the blogs I read categorized, you know, mommy blogs, book blogs, etc. I read a few entertainment blogs, one of which is The Disney Blog.

When I lived in Orlando, you heard Disney news all the time–on the news, from friends who worked there and just by being near the Mouse! I miss being in the know. So, I love the Disney blog because of all the little behind the scenes news. It’s stuff about Disney World’s newest attraction or the hero of their new movie or about the Disney execs and the shareholders. I eat it up.

Well, a few days ago, he posted about needing guest bloggers to review the new ABC shows. So, I threw caution to the wind and shot him an email. I told him how I was a tv junkie who would love to marry my Tivo and that ABC had my very favorite show Lost. I even emailed him all my Lost recaps from last season! He emailed me back and said he wanted me to be his new co-blogger he’d like me to review Pushing Daisies! So, every week, I’ll be posting at the Disney Blog about this new show! How cool is that?!

The first article I read about Pushing Daisies made me want to see it. I thought it was intriguing because it’s about a guy who touches people and they come back to life. Then when he touches them again, they…uhm, go back to being dead. (not to mention the title reminded me of Candace’s blogs) So. Back to the original article I read. The author said, “Hmmm…let’s see, a guy touches people and they come back to life. Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah! How about JESUS?!” That made me giggle. (sorry I don’t know where I read that…)

Oh, and to answer the question that has been on the tip of your tongue since you started reading, yes, I’ll be giving autographs. Just email $49.99 to my paypal account.


  1. Ok, how groovy, groovy is that?! I love tv. I got an email once from Matt Rousch of TV Guide fame, and it’s one of my prized possessions.

    We’re taking the kids next month to trick or treating at Disney (we live less than an hour away), and I’ll enjoy it a bit for you.

  2. That’s pretty cool! It’s like blogging and tv passion all rolled in one!

  3. Amanda- that is way too cool!

  4. Very, very cool! That show does sound interesting, too.

  5. Wow. That’s really cool. I’m so happy for you.

  6. That is so cool!!!

  7. That is so cool! You are a rock star and you know it. 🙂

    Oh, by the way, we are going to Disney in a little over a week. Do you want MY autograph? We go every October when it starts to cool down and the crowds are lighter.

  8. Amanda! This is SO cool!!! Congrats!!!!!

  9. I’ve seen some previews on that show and it looks like it would be good. You go girl!

  10. Nice! Remember all us little people when you make it big!

  11. So cool! I’m a little obsessed with the “logo” for that show. I showed it to my HH and asked him if he could use that to design a new blog look for me!

    I’m very excited for you & cannot wait to see your name in print on the DISNEY BLOG!

  12. AMANDA! I swear, I miss one week of checking bloglines and I miss so much of your going’s-on! You’re such a good blogger, it’s no wonder you’re famous now 🙂 That’s so cool, I can’t wait for this show to come on as well, and yes I am slightly annoyed they’re infringing on my franchise 😉

    So sad we couldn’t make this week work for a playdate, but we’ll be back in the ATL soon enough and we’ll definitely get our cuties together.

  13. Totally deserved. I love reading your blog, so now I can have two doses. Congrats!

  14. I’m not worthy!

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