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How I Met Your Survivor

With my busy puppet week (full recap coming tomorrow soon!) and my hubby coming home late (or not at all) I haven’t been watching the fall tv premieres! Ugh, I’ll be glad when all this children’s ministry is done so I can get back to being a couch potato. However, last night we watched How […]

Why I Can’t Post Today

This is Vicki. My puppet. Those 2 sentences brings up so many questions. Why do you have a puppet? Why did you introduce her like she’s a person? Why is she posing like she’s on America’s Next Top Model? *sigh* I’m in puppet-land this weekend. We’re getting ready for our big performance today. Hopefully I’ll […]

Me No Speak Wordless Wednesday

Remember my grandparent’s vacation? Here’s my grandmother (left) and her friend Dolores posing with…well, a native. I love this picture. The Indian looks just…real. He’s no teenager being paid minimum wage to put on a costume. I have so many questions about that man’s life! And are the girls outfits and hair just awful? Ugh. […]

I’m famous!

I think I’ve mentioned a few thousand times that I love bloglines. I have all the blogs I read categorized, you know, mommy blogs, book blogs, etc. I read a few entertainment blogs, one of which is The Disney Blog. When I lived in Orlando, you heard Disney news all the time–on the news, from […]

I’ve written this post 3000 times.

I know, I need to stop complaining already, but I can’t—it’s Monday. And I just can’t blog on Monday. I think I’m going to have to come up with a new meme. It could be entitled Manic Monday; we could be wildly excited about Monday. Or Malady Monday, we could share our aches and pains. […]

Sunday Recap

Uhm…well, you see, Lydia spent the night with her grandparents. And well, I haven’t slept later than 8am for at least 6 months, so…I skipped church today. So. I woke up at 10:45am. I’m going to repeat that. I WOKE UP AT 10:45 THIS MORNING! And I only slightly feel bad about that even after […]

A Little Bit of Saturday In My Life

I’m off to a baseball game! Woo-hoo! OK, really I’m not that big of a fan of baseball sports. But Les’ sister and family are home from Mexico for a month, so we’re going to be doing lots of fun stuff while they’re here. Last night we went out to eat at the Cracker Barrel. […]